Special Containment Procedures: Due to the potential of an OK scenario as a result of with Scp-1, area within a 5 km radius of the subject should be monitored on a constant basis, and any and all potential threats towards the subjects physical integrity be asked to vacate Scp-1 containment site ASAP, under the cover of said area being inhabited by a highly endangered and extremely sensitive native plant species, for which there is fine if they are disturbed. If potential threat shows non-compliance towards repeated requests to vacate area, then A-Class amnestics are to be adminestered, along with a heavy dose of skin irritant, and the potential threat be carried outside of area under cover of severe allergic reaction through exposure to native plant species. In cases of extreme urgency physical force is permitted, and sites (Set for Redaction) armaments, and ICBMS are to be made available to prevent potential threat from reaching Scp-1. (Are they thinking?!?! Letting l1's access this will be a shitshow! Ask permission to redact?)
Under any and all circumstances is it integral to prevent direct eye contact with Scp-1.
If the biomass from which Scp-1 is comprised is observed to have altered in any way, shape or form, such alterations are to be reported ASAP to site Director Md PHD Dr. Gills (Compensating? Tired of writing shortdicks name. Ask permission not to break my fingers?)

Description: Scp-1 is a purportedly near indescribable entity located within (Set for Redaction), Brazil.

An ear rupturing shout resonates throughout a Site (REDACTED) office space as in one swift and completely life shattering finger stroke a man loses his job, lives on the street for 5 years, then dies in a dumpster fire, but before all that accidentally uploads an unfinished SCP documentation forum.

Containment Procedures