The Eggplant

Item # SCP-4xxx

Object class Euclid

Special Containment procedures Currently, SCP-4xxx is kept in a reformed Euclid Containment cell, once temporary but now decided to be permanent out of convenience. Every day, two blindfoled D-class personnel are to be assigned to watch SCP-4xxx, and destroy instances of SCP-4xxx-A.

Description SCP-4xxx is a single Solanum melongena plant, containing only 8 stems. currently, 5 of these 8 are brown and withered. On the remaining 3 stems, instances of SCP-4xxx-A can appear spontaneously and randomly.

instances of SCP-4xxx-A seem to resemble eggs in look, texture, and everything else. However, DNA testing still shows a genetic relation to its plant.

Upon a direct line of sight between a subject and SCP-4xxx-A, the secondary effect of SCP-4xxx will show, as the subject will be enthralled to allow one of the instances to hatch, whether by sitting upon it, wrapping it in cloth, or in one case placing it in an incubator.

If the egg is allowed to hatch, the stem in which it originated will instantly wither and die. From the eggs, a large amounts of various spiders will pour out and begin attacking all nearby