Never Ride Towards the Moon
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Picture taken by SCP-XXXX-7, Alfonso Ayatega, one hour before being affected by SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Initial containment procedures must focus on regulating the access of civilian personnel to Area-71-Gamma until a Foundation front company can legally acquire the lands.

Secondary containment procedures involve focalized social engineering tactics: through word of mouth and targeted media campaigns, select personnel will promote and maintain in circulation supernatural beliefs and myths, based on the local folklore, which could ensure the phenomenon does not occur again.

The focal point of these tactics is the belief by local folk, and specifically gauchos1 and countrymen, that the moon can drive them insane or capture their soul if they stare at it during its full moon phase. Personnel assigned by Lead Researcher Rodríguez, and approved by Site Administration, must ensure that said belief does not fade in time and remains passed on through each successive generation of gauchos in the corresponding region.

In case of a civilian being affected, Lead Researcher Rodríguez and MTF Delta-4 (“Heart’s Respite”) are to be contacted to treat the individual according to the severity of the contamination of their psycho-animic apparatus2.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Psycho-Animic phenomenon taking place after nightfall and before sunrise in the grasslands of the Argentine Pampas, near [DATA REDACTED], whenever an individual rides on horseback in the approximate direction of a full moon looming over a cleared horizon.

If an individual complies to this for at least 45 seconds, a severe compulsion to continue riding in the same direction will override their reality principle3, as well as severe hallucinations will override their exteroception almost entirely. After a period ranging between 20 and 80 minutes, the episode and initial symptoms will subside, leaving their physique, memories, nervous system and personality untouched. However, the subject will be incapable to speak (henceforth SCP-XXXX-n). In all recorded cases, the subjects behaved as if understanding they are unable to do so, but did not show any distress or emotional response to this fact, and tried their best to re-insert themselves to their previous life, now as completely mute individuals.

Further interviews revealed that, in all cases, the hallucinations would pivot around a shared overarching psycho-animic drive: reaching the moon by horse for a yet unknown purpose. In half of the cases, subjects experienced severe time dilatation and remembered riding for several years non-stop, as well as catching up to or being passed by other riders. When descriptions were provided, it was possible to link some of the riders in the hallucinations to other gauchos that had suffered the effects of SCP-XXXX, and in one instance to one that suffered the event years after his description was provided. It is believed that the unidentified riders in these hallucinations are either real people that suffered the effects of SCP-XXXX and haven’t been found by the Foundation yet, or that will suffer them at some point in the future.

When being debriefed and questioned about why he endured the ride for, what seemed to him, so many years, subject SCP-XXXX-7 communicated the following in written form:

The moment I reached it, after all those years riding towards it, all of us at different paces but year after year still strong… it became clear to me that the weight of my actions was not enough. However big it was, however far it was… we experienced the immensity of that pale thing first hand, so wherever my eyes looked I would find it, the moon, nailed to the universe, to the background of reality. It was so big it occupied everything. It was everywhere. To my left, to my right. Up and down I would look, and everything was silver white. And I really knew it was just not enough anymore. We had to go back and return home, because it wasn’t enough anymore. So I did. I rode back home, with the moon lighting the path for me.

In relation to his inability to speak, SCP-XXXX-7 stated: “the grasslands are always quiet, so there wasn’t much talking being done anyways”.

It is not yet known if the subjects are unable to speak either by an alteration sourced in their psycho-animic apparatus, or by a lack of want.