Pyrack (very WIP)

Containment procedures: XXXX is to be placed in a cell with __W bulbs at site-██
lights on the ceiling and floor must in every room or corridor outside the cell in a 45M radius from the cell with the same wattage a backup generator for the lights in case of a power outage

Description: XXXX-1 looks like a human male in their twenties with no features on their face other than glowing white eyes with their body being composed of a black material that is almost like gas but will keep constant state while in light from _ to _ watts
from _ to _ of light being composed of a strange black slime that will not leave any trace on a surface
from _ to _ of light the substance will solidify and cause great discomfort to scp—XXXX-1 with the subject being unable to move as easily
From _ and above the substance will appear to enter a gaseous state over time with the subject losing mass and experiencing great pain
If the subject enters light under _w the shape of the subject will change with the substance solidifying into a more sponge like material (being known afterwards as scp-2) with scp_-2 at the same time attacking most organisms and light producing objects on sight losing intelligence showing it loses anything it learned in at above

XXXX-1 can appear in a shadow of any humanoid within a 30M radius

Scp XXXX-1 will always refer to XXXX-2 as a separate entity and seems to have a severe hatred of it generally attempting to stay out of areas under light