Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently owned by Dr. M█████████ and resides in his living quarters. It is allowed free roam of the facility so long as one of his caretaker's are present. Caretakers are identified with blue badges worn upon their chest when they are handling SCP XXXX. XXXX is to be walked twice a day and given biweekly physicals from on-site veterinarians. Any on site staff are allowed to interact with "Max" the same way way one would interact with a common house pet.Petting him is mandatory!

WARNING: If SCP XXXX is seen anywhere on site without a caretaker present alert MTF immediately and cease all current testing.

Description: SCP XXXX is a miniature golden doodle that goes by the name Max. Max is approximately 45 pounds (20 kg.) and 4 feet (1.2 m) tall. Biologically, it has no abnormal properties. Except for the fact it is the cutest thing ever!

It's abnormal properties begin to manifest when it is within a range of certain danger. The SCP appears and unknowingly attempts to rescue the lives of any person(s) within the area. It only appears in situations where it is capable of reducing danger with its limited abilities. Max's heroic efforts to save others from danger are limited to only typical behavior of domesticated dogs. The SCP has so far managed to prevent on site fires, severe allergic reactions, and D-Class terminations. He is our little firefighter! It’s preferred methods are to distract the person who is in imminent danger and deter them from committing any acts that would otherwise have resulted in injury or death or to bring attention to a person in need.

It is unknown whether the SCP is "aware" of its abilities, how it senses danger, or how it can know if the threat is preventable or not. Max so far has shown no fear in dangerous situations and appears to be oblivious to the accidents it is preventing. He manages to remain calm and act in the same demeanor as always. All current methods of "warning" personal have shown no obvious signs of XXXX knowing the danger it is in despite these warnings acting without fail. Whether it only appears in instances it is capable of solving or simply chooses to ignore some cases of danger is still up to debate.

When it "decides" to act SCP XXXX will get up and walk towards who ever is at risk. If line of sight is broken XXXX will disappear and reappear at the source of danger. All instances of "teleportation" so far have been able to be debunked and given scientific, albeit highly coincidental, explanations.

Debunked Theories
It Previously was thought Max was able to control the emotions of those who were exposed to him for prolonged periods of time as well as create spatial anomalies to help him travel. Suspicions arose the SCP-XXXX had used memetic properties to force its head researcher to give it constant praise and attention. Interviews showed that the head researcher was not under any memetic influence but, was simply very fond of dogs.2 and all instances of teleportation can be summed up with simple explanations. Since the dog has an affinity for researcher Dr. M█████████ it will remain in his care indefinitely.

Puppy Playtime!
Come visit the employee lounge this Friday between 1:00-6:00 p.m. to meet SCP XXXX yourself and learn why he is the greatest SCP ever! Get you photo taken with him while wearing silly hats! FREE COFFEE AND COOKIES!

Due to multiple instances of vandalism Dr. M█████████ is no longer allowed to edit this page unless new information about SCP-XXXX arises.