Item Tag: SCP-4959

Item Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: The mouse is to be suspended in water in a 2x2x2 meter container. The container’s walls should be made of 1 meter-thick titanium to prevent containment breach. If the mouse is to breach containment

Description: Moved to Site-██ in 20██. SCP-4959 appears to be a computer mouse from the year 19██. The mouse seems to emit or ooze a slime like substance that is able to sear through all known solid substances (except titanium, which it seems to move away from) on Earth. The mouse also seems to make a low hum noise similar to that of a speaker when in the presence of any organic compound, the closer the organic compound the louder the noise becomes. Subjects have said that they hear voices whispering to them to touch the mouse and “embrace it” as Class-D ████ put it in a recent interview with Dr. █████████, further testing is needed. The mouse’s slime-like substance is not known to be able to evaporate any known liquid. The object has been observed to move about its quarters when not being observed by organic material, this is known through video surveillance, the reason for doing so is currently unknown. When an organic compound is to come in contact with 4959 they are immediately and completely engulfed in this slime-like substance and disintegrate within the span of 0.800 milliseconds. The item was found in ████████, China in the basement of Dr. ███████’s. The following log is from an interview between Agent ███████ and Dr. ██████ which was recorded in Dr. ██████’s household. The interview was monitored by two MTF guards whose names will be kept anonymous.

Addendum A-4959
The following audio log is from an interview between Agent ███████ and Dr. ██████. The interview was monitored by two MTF guards whose names will be kept anonymous.

The following took place in Site-██ on February 23, 20██.

Agent ███████: Hello doctor, do you know why you are being questioned?

Dr. ██████: As a matter a fact I do not. Could you please explain to me why there are armed guards around me?

Agent ███████: I cannot disclose that information but the reason you are here is regarding the mouse found in your basement 2 months ago.

Dr. ██████: What do you need to know about it and why should I tell you. It's not like your going to kill me for not telling you anyways, how about this, you leave and I continue with my life and all of this is forgotten?

Agent ███████: I’m afraid we can't do that sir, now please, answer the question I have just asked you or this interview will be terminated and you will be subsequently shot and killed.

Dr. ██████: Well in that case I guess I must explain.

Agent ███████: That is correct.

Dr. ██████: I had originally bought the mouse from a man in the ███████████ District for my Macintosh which I had just recently bought at the time. After about 3 months of having the mouse I started to notice the mouse becoming unusually hot and I had already burned my skin twice so to prevent further incidents I decided to put the mouse in my basement on where my counter used to be before the police confiscated it. From their I left the mouse to collect dust for around, I’d say, █ years.

Agent ███████: When you returned to your basement you saw that the mouse was sitting in a 8 meter deep hole?

Dr. ██████: Yes.

Agent ███████: And that's when you contacted the police?

Dr. ██████: Yes, once they arrived I told them about the hole and the mouse and they threw me out of my house for what I’d say felt like an eternity.

Agent ███████: May I ask who the man that sold you the mouse looked like?

Dr. ██████: Vaguely, he was a tall man, around 1.6 to 1.8 meters tall, he wore an Adidas tracksuit and a balaclava, also, he reeked of Vodka

Agent ███████: Got that. From which store in the ███████████ District did you buy item?

Dr. ██████: It wasn’t a store, it was more of a pop-up shop that sold electronics.

Agent ███████: This concludes our interview Dr. ██████, thank you for time, you will be sent home soon.

Dr. ██████: Thank god.. this place smells like ass and expired milk.1