Quillon/SevenBall "The Circle-King"

I hope I'm using this sandbox correctly, please help me out here. :P

Anyway, this is the first draft of my new SCP project, "The Circle-King"

Item No. SCP-#
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: The City block on which SCP-#-A is situated has been bought out by the foundation, and has been designated Site [REDACTED]. SCP-#-A itself is to be monitored for any activity that may warrant Euclid, Keter, or Apollyon classification. Any persons who were previously aware of SCP-#'s existence have been administered Class A amnestics.

Description: SCP-# is a 30-40 year-old human male of European descent. SCP-# possesses a posh accent, And is always seen wearing an outfit typically worn by a member of royalty. He has been shown to possess nearly limitless reality-warping abilities, with one exception; He can only influence reality within the confines of a Circle-K convenience store, located in [REDACTED], Oregon, Hereby SCP-#-A
The interior of SCP-#-A is inhabited by a authoritarian police state, run by SCP-#. It's civilians appear to consist of missing [REDACTED] residents. It's Army consists mainly of Hostile creatures, themed after various convenience store food items. SCP-#-A has been shown to have a large Praetorian guard, as while as several slaves, presumed to be former employees of the store.

Possible Addendum Ideas:
-Communications between the foundation and SCP-#
-Exploration log of SCP-#-A
-Firsthand accounts from one of SCP-#s slaves.

I hope you enjoyed, feedback and questions are appreciated. also: PLEASE let me know if this is too similar to another SCP file.