Item#: SCP-3948

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3948 should be monitored at all times for any new creatures. Any creatures or machines that come out of SCP-3948 should be terminated or destroyed immediately. Any strange behavior monitored should be reported and researched. Contact with SCP-3948 is restricted unless for experiment purposes.

Description: SCP-3948 is a portal of unknown origins found when the Foundation was created. There is little known about SCP-3948 but research is being done to find out more. It has been documented that, at random times, SCP-3948 will spawn a creature that is extremely hostile towards humans. There is no pattern to what can come out and there are many different types that have been documented. Any machine placed through SCP-3943 will come out dysfunctional, no matter the makeup. There is also a "controller" of sorts, designated SCP-3948-1, located somewhere inside the portal, but researchers have no luck of locating it. The "controller" has telepathically sent messages to the foundation, asking for help.