The Radio

Item #: [pending] / SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Another day within the foundation brought itself another SCP. Dr. Carlyle was no stranger to safe class SCP's his whole line of work was dealing with safe class SCPs at Site-205. What really worried him was dealing with Euclid class SCP's or any higher. He had heard about the cognitohazard, rock spiders stored just one story above him. He had a certain underlying level of anxiety working around such SCPs. But that is what he signed up for. Thusly he swallowed his fear and pressed on. But this day was when his fear was at its peak. It was one of the last safe class SCPs he would be dealing with before his security clearance was to be increased thus allowing him to access Euclid class SCPs. Even though his anxiety was high about it. Todays SCP would be one he truly would never forget.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a standard secure locker at Site-205

Dr. Evens walked in with news on a new SCP needing containment. "News of a talking radio Carlyle. I think we have another one." Evens proclaimed chucking the news files on Carlyle's desk. Carlyle took a sip from his morning coffee. He then placed it on his desk and looked at the news article. He could see it was a potential security breach. "Have Dr. Kenzington prepare class A amnestics. We leave in 10 minutes."

SCP-XXXX is to receive counseling on a tri-monthly basis.

The containment van made it was down the main north road. "Where'd the article say this radio was?" Carlyle asks Evens. "Uh, 13 summerset grove I believe." The team arrives at a house that is seemingly abandoned. Carlyle radios Kenzington. "How's our little amnestics job going?" Kenzington responds on the radio the sound of coughing and gas is audible in the background. "You've got to give it time Carlyle we spoke about this. God, you are so impatient sometimes!" Carlyle looks over at Evens "Women!" he says in an annoyed tone. "I heard that!" Kenzington snaps over the radio. Carlyle not realizing he left it on. "No you didn't!" he replies.