Dr Rads's SCP Lab

Item #: [pending] / SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Dr. Carlyle was a junior SCP researcher for the SCP Foundation at Site-205, located in Northern Sydney Australia. Dr. Carlyle had been granted a security clearance Level of 1. But his superiors often admired his eagerness to please the Foundation. It was unanimously decided by the level 2 research team to upgrade Carlyle's security clearance level. However, if mankind had the one fear to rule them all, it's the fear of the unknown. Dr. Carlyle felt he wasn't ready to start performing research on Euclid class SCPs. It was his fear of not knowing what each SCP had in store for him, that fear of not knowing whether the thing around the corner was going to bite his face off, or give him hugs and kisses. It was this fear that elevated his level of anxiety on the day he found out his security clearance level was being upgraded that afternoon.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a standard secure locker at Site-205.

It was 3:30 in the afternoon and Dr. Carlyle had one more SCP to deal with before his security clearance level would be upgraded. He kept his anxiety to himself, as he didn't want to burden everyone else with his personal issues. Dr. Evens one of Dr. Carlyle's co-workers, walked in with news on a new SCP needing containment.

"News of a talking radio Carlyle. I think we have another one." Evens proclaimed mundanely chucking the news files on Carlyle's desk.

Dr. Carlyle took a sip from his morning coffee, placed it on his desk and looked curiously at the news article. He realized it could be was a potential security breach, provided the SCP was anomalous. Not all SCP reports that came into the Foundation were genuine. Some reports could just be a bunch of teenagers playing a prank on a nearby school to get revenge on their gym teacher.

Dr. Evens had been working with Dr. Carlyle for 6 months. Carlyle knew Evens was good at recognizing genuine anomalous artifacts and it was rare for a false SCP case to come to Carlyle's desk from Evens. Kenzington on the other hand, continuously bothered Carlyle with false reports. The young inexperienced Dr. Kenzington had only been working with Carlyle for a month her inexperience was placing Carlyle under stress, but he believed he could make a good SCP researcher out of her yet.

Confidently Dr. Carlyle skimmed the article, took a sip from his morning coffee and put it back down on his desk. "Have Dr. Kenzington prepare class A amnestics. We leave in 10 minutes."

SCP-XXXX is to receive counseling sessions on a tri-monthly basis.

According to the article the SCP was located at 13 Summerset Grove. The research team arrived at a house that was seemingly abandoned.

Carlyle radioed Kenzington. "How's our little amnestics job going?"

Kenzington responds on the radio, the sound of coughing and gas is audible in the background. "I think it's going pretty well."

Carlyle responded "Good to here, Evens let's see what's going on inside this house."

Description: SCP-XXXX is a shortwave Coby brand portable radio. SCP-XXXX cannot tune into any frequency. When subjects are nearby SCP-XXXX. A voice from inside SCP-XXXX will speak to the subjects. SCP-XXXX is capable of engaging in normal human speech and conversation.

They approached a front yard with a cracked driveway looked like it hadn't been maintained in years. Next to the driveway separated by a brick wall half a meter tall was a garden that is covered in dead grass. In the center stands an overgrown tree, it branched well over to the top of the roof of the house. The house was tan brick, it's windows covered in spider webs and appeared to have been broken for what looked like years. Several bricks were cracked some had even slid off their foundation.

The hallway was covered in multiple spider webs. On the ground was a rug covered in dust. To their left were several picture frames. In each frame, there was a picture of a family. A mother, father, and two kids a boy and a girl. To their right was the living room. There was no door, just an open wall. A coffee table sat in the middle, along two couches a tv set with a VHS player on the top. Sitting in the middle of the couches was a small corner table and sitting on top of it was an old radio.

"When did they stop making VHS tapes again?" Carlyle asked standing in the edge of the living room looking around.

"Uh, early 2000's I think? Actually, I'm not sure I'll need to get back to you on that." Evens replied as he walked into the living room.

He noticed the radio sitting on the table in between the couches and with a quick jolt of realization he says. "This must be it."

Evens walked over to the corner table and bent down to pick it up and dusted it off. "Well, I don't see anything anomalous about this thing." He said as he continued to dust off the radio.

"Oh, you don't? A talking radio that doesn't bother you?" Startled Evens put the radio down and backed away.

"Ow!" Dr. Evens yelled after banging his knee on the coffee table.

Carlyle laughed "You've got to watch out for those things, they're deadly!" He then radioed Kenzington. "Kenzington Looks like we've got our SCP, we'll meet you back at Site-205."

SCP-XXXX displays a large amount of reluctance to speak about anything "personal." Including his origins. It is unknown whether this is an attempt to hide an explanation for SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties or SCP-XXXX genuinely wishes to have its personal information kept to itself. Request for more Foundation psychologists to assist in the testing of SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX was brought back to the Foundation. Like any other communicative artifact, it had to be interviewed as part of the containment protocol. Carlyle wanted Kenzington to perform the first interview, as he viewed that as part of the process to improve Kenzington as a researcher. Kenzington didn't know that of course.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. Emily Kenzington

Foreword: First interview post SCP-XXXX discovery and containment.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Kenzington: So let's start this off very simple. What is your name?

SCP-XXXX: No response.

Dr. Kenzington: You were quite the chatterbox on the way back to site 205. Full of questions about us. Now I'll ask you again what is your name?

SCP-XXXX: So let me get this straight. You idiots, pull me into this interview room at some classified site I'm supposed to know nothing about and then proceed to ask me questions?

Dr. Kenzington: I'm under oath not to reveal any information than that which is necessary for you. I'm going ask you one more time what is your name?

SCP-XXXX: Fuck you, that is my name.
Dr. Kenzington: Very well then, I believe this interview is concluded.

Closing Statement: SCP-XXXX has displayed zero interest in sharing any kind of information with the Foundation. Further testing required. - Dr. Kenzington

SCP-XXXX was proving to be a hard nut to crack. He was not going to give up information without a fight. Dr. Carlyle and his research team knew this would be a problem, so they needed to come up with a solution to get SCP-XXXX to talk. After all, SCP-XXXX could be a Keter and they may not even know. This was why all sentient SCP's needed to be interviewed.

It seemed after extensive interviews and questioning. SCP-XXXX was finally starting to open up. Though frustrated, SCP-XXXX eventually realized he just had to accept the fact that he was at the Foundation and he was there to stay. He somewhat enjoyed the interactions he had with some of the Foundation staff. Though he certainly didn't want to begin with. SCP-XXXX knew the day would eventually come when he would reveal his origin story to Carlyle, Evens, and Kenzington. He was starting to enjoy the interviews anyway.

The time had come 2 months following the discovery of SCP-XXXX and an explanation was forthcoming. The document at the time had only described a talking radio with standard containment procedures. Three of the interview logs had been put in the SCP-XXXX documentation at the request of Dr. Carlyle who now had a Level 2 security clearance. Of course, all of the interview logs were stored away in his desk. Carlyle was ready to perform one last interview and he and SCP-XXXX somehow both knew it was time for the origin story.

Request for more Foundation psychologists, to assist in the testing on SCP-XXXX, approved by Site director. "All SCP's at Site-205 are to be extensively tested to ensure they pose no danger to the public at large." - Site-205 director.