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Item #: SCP-4031

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4031 audio files are not to be played aloud in speakers. Instances of SCP-4031 are to be immediately reported to the Foundation, all webpages with more than ten thousand visitors per day are to be monitored by bot Omicron-10 for any channel named [REDACTED]. If a instance of SCP-4031 is confirmed, the webpage in question is to be shutdown until SCP-4031 is entirely removed from the website. All SCP-4031 instances are to be kept in a 1 terabyte hard-drive with access only permitted to personnel with Level 3 or higher security clearance.

Description: SCP-4031 is the designation of several binaural audio files, refered as SCP-4031-01 to SCP-4030-78, posted to websites with more than ten thousand visitors per day. The audio files are posted in a account named [REDACTED], refered as SCP-4031-B. Each audio is different from each other, and contains a male voice, refered as SCP-4031-A, that will directely talk to the listener. In all files, SCP-4031-A will perform torture to the listener, in every audio, SCP-4031-A will torture the listener in different ways. No other than SCP-4031-A's voice can be heard.

Once SCP-4031 is played, the listener will enter in REM and cannot be woken up in any knows means, then the listener will begin to actually feel all the sensations as if SCP-4031-A were really making physical contact with the listener. In 85% of the audio files, the listener will die, but if the subject survives, it will develop extreme paranoia and PTSD. There are no know ways to stop the reproduction of SCP-4031 once it is played, even destroying the device that is reproducing SCP-4031 will not stop it from playing. Playing cutted files with less than 10% of SCP-4031's audio files will not trigger its effects.

Discovery: SCP-4031 was discovered after reports of mysterious death of ██ persons in front of their computers with videos from a channel named [REDACTED] in YouTube. After Agent ██████ played the audio, SCP-4030's effects became clear. Foundation immediately began the deletion of the channel. Bot Omicron-10 entered in activity in 08/12/2011.