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Item #: SCP-4060

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4060 is to be kept in a circular room with a radius of 3m with 3 blocks of wood weighting more than 5kg each one. Personnel can use SCP-4060 to play table tennis in their free time.

Description: SCP-4060 is a pair of table tennis racquets, refered as SCP-4060-1-A and SCP-4060-1-B, resembling two Butterfly Addoy 2000.

When held by two sapient beigns, SCP-4060 will manifest its anomalous properties, it will use the closest non-living materials in a 3m radius to materialize a table tennis table with the official measures: 1,525m wide, 2,73m in length and 0,76m in height. As for the net, SCP-4060 will make a slab measuring 15,25cm in height and 1,525m wide in the middle of the table. The ball is materialized along with the table, but it's made with the same materials as a DHS 40+ 3-stars table tennis ball. The source of the material used to make the ball is currently unknown. It is believed that SCP-4060 can change matter, further tests are to be made.

Tests shows that SCP-4060 primarily uses wood, but if this material is not available, SCP-4060 will take other materials such as plastic, concrete and glass. If no other material can be use by SCP-4060, it will use the ground to form the table tennis table.

The table will only dematerialize once both players have stopped making physical contact with SCP-4060-1 and the objects used to materialize the table will get back in their original position and form.

SCP-4060-1-A and SCP-4060-1-B shows no other anomalous properties but activating SCP-4060 effects.