Artistic rendition of SCP-whatever as viewed with the human eye.

Item #: SCP-whatever

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-whatever appears as a stylized standard-sized poker card, resembling a "Jack." In place of a known suit or a color, the symbol below the "J" is simply a white "sphere." Sphere is the word that is used here to describe the symbol because although the card has been shown to be completely flat, regardless of the angle at which the card is viewed, the symbol will always appear to be circular, rather than changing with the angle of the card. However, SCP-whatever only fits this description when being viewed through the eye of a living creature.

When viewed through a camera, SCP-whatever can appear as a multitude of things, the most common of which being a small, black humanoid figure with pure white eyes. This figure has been recorded to do many different things. It appears to interact with other things in the camera's field of view at times, but it does not actually affect the objects it interacts with. It acts very hostile towards human subjects in the frame, usually making angry gestures or sometimes attempting to attack with a sword.