Item #: SCP-whatever

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-whatever is to be kept in a 3x3x3m room, conditioned so that the tempurature of which does not exceed 29°C. Should the tempurature by some means, exceed that, any surface affected by SCP-whatever's secondary effect is to be replaced and the air conditioning fixed as soon as possible.

There is to be a guard in the room at all times, with guards rotating every hour. Guards are required to be covered from head-to-toe, making sure no part of the body is susceptible to coming into contact with SCP-whatever.

No living thing is to touch SCP-whatever in its dormant state.

In case it is awakened, SCP-whatever is to be touched by Class-D personnel that identifies as male to return it to its dormant state and returned to its containment area. SCP-whatever-02 is to be administered an amnestic, the type depending on how long it had been exposed to SCP-whatever, and is not to come near SCP-whatever again.

SCP-whatever-01 is not to come near the facility in which SCP-whatever is being contained.

Description: SCP-whatever is a 1.9m tall statue, seeming to date back to the early 500s BCE, made of a compound of gallium, yttrium, and other unidentified elements, the body of which resembles that of a conventionally attractive human female, save for its face and its long, sharp fingers. It wears a tunic similar to one that would be worn in Ancient Greece. Its hair is bobbed, and flips up at the ends. Its face consists of one (1) eye in the middle of the face, featureless save for a stain from what seems to be gunpowder, a wide mouth with no lips and eight (8) sharp teeth poking out at even intervals, and the same stain on the eye, continued on the lower left side of the face.

This stain appears to have originated from the area where its left arm would have been. The left arm ends at the deltoid muscle, appearing to have been chipped off or removed by blunt force. The right shoulder has a 8cm deep gash in it, appearing to have been chipped off like the left arm.

There are few clues as to how SCP-whatever lost its left arm and part of its right shoulder, considering that researchers have not yet found a way to as much as scratch SCP-whatever.

SCP-whatever was found in a cemetary in [REDACTED], Argentina, after a Field Agent found a Mr. Manuel [REDACTED] sitting by SCP-whatever, staring at a metallic stain on his hand with confusion.

If touched by a living thing, not including a humanoid female or SCP-whatever-01, SCP-whatever will leave a stain on the part of the living thing that it had touched. The stain is made of the same gallium-yttrium-unidentified compound that SCP-whatever is made of. This stain seems to more or less replace that part of the victim's body, but it retains all normal functions and feels the same as it did before. Any living thing that touches the stain is replaced in the same way, effectively spreading it to anything that would even accidentally touch a stain. There has so far been no remedy found for SCP-whatever's primary effect other than the removal of affected regions.

If heated above 29°C, SCP-whatever will leave stains on surfaces below it, with the same properties as stains it leaves with its primary effect. These stains will take the shape of archaic Greek poetry, similar in style and themes to poems written by Sappho. There has been no remedy found for this secondary effect either, other than the removal of affected regions.

If touched by a humanoid female (regardless of its assigned gender at birth) in its dormant state, SCP-whatever will go into its awakened state, and will almost immediately form a bond with the one that awakened it, who is now classified as SCP-whatever-02 (unless SCP-whatever-01). Instances of SCP-whatever-02 are not affected by SCP-whatever's primary effect. SCP-whatever has shown no need for any form of sustenance when awakened. It seems to be conscious of everything that had happened in the periods of it being dormant.

SCP-whatever, though its mouth does not move when it does, can speak fluently in Spanish, English, French, and Greek, leading researchers to believe that it picked up those languages while living in places where they were commonly spoken. SCP-whatever has shown signs of being traumatized by images of war and violence that it has observed but has been unable to interfere with. When awakened, SCP-whatever will try to engage with SCP-whatever-02 whenever possible. It is friendly and trusting only towards those that SCP-whatever-02 trusts. It seems to be slightly wary of anyone else.

If touched by a humanoid male (regardless of its assigned gender at birth) in its awakened state, SCP-whatever will return to its dormant state. The one who returns it to its dormant state is still affected by SCP-whatever's primary effect. There is a period of 6 months before SCP-whatever can be awakened again. During this time, it simply will not respond to the touch of a humanoid female.

SCP-whatever-01 is a 27 year old latina human female, formerly known as Dr. █████ Alvarez, and a former researcher for the Foundation. She was the first person to awaken SCP-whatever during its time in containment by the Foundation. SCP-whatever had been awake for a period of 18 months, during which it had grown a very close bond to SCP-whatever-01 (Dr. Alvarez at the time), and a wealth of info was gathered from it, including its witness account of the burning of the Library of Alexandria during its time as a statue in front of the Library. It became dormant once again through an accident in which Agent ███████ had smacked SCP-whatever on its behind as he passed by it in a hallway. The agent was reprimanded thoroughly for his disrespect towards SCP-whatever, as well as his disregard for its containment procedures, and SCP-whatever-01 would not speak to him for four weeks afterwards.

During SCP-whatever's six months in dormancy, SCP-whatever-01 would enter its containment chamber and lock herself in with it, patting it softly for a few hours (before being removed out of fear for her health and safety), until it awakened once again. It was only a month after its second awakening that SCP-whatever-01 made an attempt at breaking SCP-whatever out of containment. She had made it about a mile away from the site before being caught. Any security footage of the incident was confiscated and destroyed, and all eyewitnesses administered Class-A amnestics. SCP-whatever was made dormant and returned to containment. SCP-whatever-01 was detained, and soon administered a Class-E amnestic before being released. In the years after, SCP-whatever-01 had been reported roaming outside of the site numerous times, simply staring at the building - Coincidentally or not, she had been staring exactly where SCP-whatever was being contained.

Addendum whatever-a: Object reclassification. ██-██-20██

Due to discovery of SCP-whatever being awakened, Dr. Alvarez has requested that SCP-whatever be reclassified from Safe class to Euclid class. Request approved by Site Director ███████ on ██-██-20██.