RainyDayZodiac- Can somebody tell me if im doing this right pls
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The subject's cell must never go entirely silent, and must instead have a soothing ambience playing through an intercom. The cell must never go completly dark, even when subject is not present, and should have a backup genorator stored in the room should there be a power outage. The subject's cell must always be observed as to make sure the subject does not injure itself accidentally, and to make sure the subject does not become mentally unstable. Cell must be padded with soft waterproof material and thick steel plates must be placed underneath it to ensure the Subject does not escape if it were to be mentally unstable. The subject must leave its cell daily to excersize, socialize with others, and to educate itself through reading or discussing topics with other researchers. It must also be able to get a healthy dosage of sunlight, surface air, and natural sounds such as birds tweeting, ocean waves, and rain storms, every so often. Subjects diet must consist of primarliy raw vegetables, and grains. Secondarily of substitute protiens, such as peanut butter or tofu, and it must be given juices to drink.

Description: Appears to be a human female of Romanian nationality in her late 30s, other than various abrasions, bruises, an abnormally low body temperature, and glazed, bloodshot eyes. The previous features have yet to heal. Subject has oily, stringy dark brown hair that has proven to be permanently dirty, and has the same physi. Fingernails and toenails are either cracked, missing, or slightly overgrown, all nails are yellow, dirty, and pliable. Subject appears and claims to be an ex-B Class researcher named Dr. Lilith Iarna, who had supposedly died while on a fishing trip in the [DATA EXPUNGED] Ocean with her twin brother, but had mysteriously washed back to the shore, barely alive. Subject claims to have been possessed by an evil Ocean diety, which causes its mental outbursts and fragile concoiusness.
Subject normally, is docile, and even extroverted. When subject is unstable, it has multiple jellyfish-like tendrils protruding from its hair, and its skin acts as the same thing seeing as they both have the same effect on bare human skin as a box jellyfish sting. Subjects hair must never be touched with bare skin, regardless of if the subject is mentally stable or not.