Wish for bunny (Randomraven)

Scp-4190 with its little girl

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Special containment procedures:
Scp-4190 containment has been edited due to recent events and escape attempt. See further more in the documents. Scp-4190 is in modified Humanoid Containment Unit. With needed changes of higher ceiling and the removal of bathroom commodities.
        Researchers are not allowed in his containment anymore because of the motion above . When on good behavior, Scp-4190 is allow to file a few requests . If and only if, on good behavior.

    Scp-4190 is big toy rabbit who's 8.4 feet tall, it's ears being around 1.1 feet. It weighs around 300 pounds. Scp-4190  has a few characterizing details on it. Scp-4190 has three stitches on Both cheeks to mimic blushing. It has a tag on Its rump with the logo of company of wondertainmente. It wears a bolero hat ,and a vest which is unable to be zipped because of Scp-4190’s round shape. Overall to contribute to the toy aesthetic.
       In further research, the autopsy report shows Scp-4190 to have human organs merged with a robotic skeleton. Threads of yarn and stitches keep it together. Closer observations show parts seemed to be damaged but were fixed with cloth patches. A DNA sample was collected from the human organs, and is waiting for level-4 clearance to continue research.
       Overall, Scp-4190 has mostly all organs except those in the reproduction system. Few of its organs, bladder, intestines, are also missing. Scp-4190 does have stomach. Tho researchers still don't know where digested material goes or if it is even excreted. The organs are protected by normal plushy stuffing rather than adipose tissue. The stuffing helps to maintain the structure and unique figure of the subject.
         During the autopsy, Scp-4190 was conscious, and showed discomfort when researchers where examining it. When researchers touch Scp-4190 organs, it reacts as though it feels pain. The subject continues to with researchers autopsy. Just to know how a character it calls the "little girl” is doing. 

         Scp-4190 was discovered on  ████/01/14. At hospital █████████. Scp was taken by the foundations agents when the hospital Nurse called 911 upon seeing the Scp. They reported seeing the giant rabbit coming out from a wooden package. Once agents got to the location, Scp-4190 was not aggravated and exhibited no hostile behavior. It sat at the bedside of a young cancer patient; a girl who was recovering from her chemotherapeutic treatment. Once Scp-4190 was recovered along with its container, witnesses of Scp-4190 were administered a Class-A anesthetic.
When examining the packaging, researchers discovered an envelope with wondertainmente seal on it. The letter within is documented below.

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