Ring of Fire


Item #: SCP-XX6X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XX6X is to be kept in the black, eighteen meter by seventeen meter by sixteen meter room that the specimen was found inside. SCP-XX6X is to be kept in its dormant state unless an O5 gives permission to activateawaken the specimen from its sleep.

SCP-XX6X's chamber has three backup generators in the event that there is a power outage at Site-██ and the specimen is awakened.

No anomalous objects are allowed inside SCP-XX6X's chamber when it is awake. Secondly, Dr. Bright and Dr. Clef are not allowed to know about the existence of SCP-XX6X.

SCP-XX6X cannot be destroyed and must not be destroyed.

If SCP-XX6X is "hungry," it will be "fed" a D-Class personnel that is selected randomly. If no D-Class are available, SCP-XX6X will be fed a blindfolded Dr. Bright.

SCP-XX6X may only be asked questions by O4 class personnel and above.

Description: SCP-XX6X is currently contained inside a torus with a levitating cylinder inside. The torus has a major radius of two meters and a minor radius of 0.5 meters. It has a volume of π2. The cylinder is anomalously levitating in midair. The foundation has no idea why or how this occurs. The cylinder also has 30 small holes around the curved surface of the cylinder. The cylinder has a radius of 0.5 meters and a height of 0.25 meters. The volume of the cylinder is 0.0625π.

When awake, the device holding SCP-XX6X will start spewing multicolored coloured1 fire of every frequency of light, but stopping exactly on the boundaries of the visible spectrum.

Next to the entrance chamber is a light switch. This switch controls which state SCP-XX6X is currently in. Down is the Dormant phase while up is the non-dormant phase.

SCP-XX6X communicates to personnel through psychic means. Personnel who have communicated with the specimen have described its voice as deep and haunting.

SCP-XX6X is often used to by O5 personnel to answer questions, the specimen seems happy to give us answers as long as we "feed" it. The bigger the question is, the more people are needed to be sacrificed. Sadly, not all of the answers are what we wanted to here: after the sacrificing of 52 D-Class personnel and 2 Dr. Brights, SCP-XX6X answered the question, "How to kill SCP-682?" with, "You can't, I designed him that way."

SCP-XX6X’s way he “eats” personnel is disturbing. The personnel will suddenly loose all consciousness and fall limp to the ground. Three to four seconds later, the body will be levitated up in the air, for a reason we do not know of. The personnel’s eyes will turn from solid black to red to black again. After ten seconds of this, the personnel with suddenly burst into multicolored flames.

Addendum 1 - Discovery: Janitor Walter Hays discovered this device about three hours prior to his death. While he was walking down a hallway, he saw a gray door that he claimed has never been there before today. He opened the door and found the long downwards staircase behind it. He walked down the staircase to find a door that required O5 access. He then proceeded to contact foundation personnel about the mysterious door that he found. Within the hour, forty Mobile Task Unit personnel and O5-█ and O5-██. The personnel walked down the staircase and opened the door. Upon opening, the personnel were greeted with what is now SCP-XX6X's containment chamber and its containment device. Shortly after examining the room, an unknown MTF flipped the switch to up. SCP-XX6X awoke and proceeded to instantly “eat” Janitor Hays.

Addendum 2 - The Incident:
Date: 5/21/20██