The Duelist


Item #: SCP-3448

Object Class: Euclid-Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3448 is to be kept in an interdimensional SCP at all times unless needed by personnel with permission from O5 command. Researchers have found SCP-093 to be a great distraction for SCP-3448 to fight in. Weekly checks on the well being and mental state of SCP-3448 are to be made by an on Site therapist. SCP-3448 is to be allowed to walk around Site ██ once a month while being supervised by Dr ██████ and two guards armed with Frequency-448-G in any form. Request by SCP-3448 to see or talk to any other SCP is forbidden. If the subject becomes hostile, authorized personnel are to play Frequency-448-G over any radio, cell phone, or intercom system that is within the vicinity of SCP-3448. Frequency-448-G will pacify SCP-3448 no matter the volume. Subject has been known to breach containment in search of other SCPs. Apon arriving at a suitable SCPs containment area, it will proceed to engage the SCP and try to *duel* with it. An MTF unit with Frequency-448-G are to be alerted to the area and all personnel are to evacuate immediately.

Description: SCP-3448 appears to be a female human dressed in a long hooded green cloak. The hood she wears constantly conceals her face in a pitch black shadow. The hood cast a shadow on everything under it, even when a light is being directly shined into it. Attempts to remove the hood has been unsuccessful. SCP-3448 wears a black vest, grey dress shirt, tattered brown cloth pants, as well as ripped and worn leather shoes. The only parts of her skin that are visible are her hands and ankles, due to the bottom of her pants being torn. Her skin is a pale green color. SCP-3448 carries a 17th-century rapier by her side at all times. This rapier is to be classified as SCP-3448-1. When in the hands of SCP-3448 the rapier glows a bright green color, at this time any sentient being stabbed or cut by SCP-3448-1 will fall into a 24-hour sleep that they cannot be awoken from by any means.1

SCP-3448 has been very cooperative with Foundation staff and has shown a dangerous desire to experiment with a lot of dangerous SCPs. SCP-3448 has expressed a want to help the Foundation in any way she can. This includes: Testing other SCPs anomalous properties, Venturing into SCPs that lead to other worlds or dimensions for research, and especially, subduing dangerous SCPs that have breached containment. In several interviews, SCP-3448 has stated that its desire to help comes from wanting to simply help, this is not seen as her true motive and should not be treated as such. Multiple Researchers have hypothesized that SCP-3448 wanted to be captured and follows orders so that she can *duel* with strong opponents, in our case, usually Keter level SCPs.

When asked where she came from, SCP-3448 told researchers that she hails from ████████ Scotland. When asked what year, she tried changing the subject to fencing and how important footwork is. The subject does not like talking about its past and will try to change the subject if brought up, but its clothes, sword, way of speaking, all put her in around the 17th century. Researchers have tried to remove her hood on several occasions, it seems to be permanently attached to her head. When asked about her hood and its anomalous properties it responded:" It does not matter, honestly, please!" Subject proceeds to grip head and whispers unintelligibly to itself while sobbing. Blood began to seep from subjects hood, no further questions were asked.

SCP-3448 was found sitting in a bar in ████████ Scotland. Residence say she walked into the bar and sat at a lone table in the corner. The police were alerted because of the anomalous properties of her hood that remained completely dark even with the clear lighting of the bar. When police came to investigate they acted hostile towards her and eventually tried to grab her when she did not comply with there orders. She put eight of them to sleep before foundation agents were called.

The subject has incredible durability, able to survive being eaten by SCP- ███ and not having any effects when exposed to SCP- ███. Research has found that its skin and clothes are made of various unknown materials, all shown to have extremely high durability. However, there are two primary weakness it has. Although she is very durable on the outside, its mind is extremely fragile. Using SCP-3448 for test on SCPs that have mind-altering effects has been forbidden by O5 Personnel. It was determined by Dr ██████ that SCP-3448 has several mental disorders, including schizophrenia, depression, psychosis and extreme paranoia. The cause of these is unknown. When asked, SCP-3448 will laugh it off or try to change the subject, they have never given an exact explanation. During a failed test with SCP-███, a unique frequency was discovered to immediately pacify SCP-3448 by causing a severe a headache and the subjects hood will begin to produce blood, presumably there own. This has been known to cause it extreme pain from the subject, they will stop whatever they are doing immediately. This Frequency was filed under Frequency-448-G and all security forces in Site ██ were to be known aware of this, as well as all researchers on SCP-3448. It was determined by O5 personnel that in case she was affected by a mind-altering SCP or if she goes beyond her jurisdiction, that this frequency be used to contain her.

The second primary weakness was discovered during a containment breach of SCP-██, SCP-3448 was released under desperate circumstances in an attempt to subdue SCP-██. The subject followed orders directly and engaged SCP- ██. They both spend around five minutes staring at each other, SCP-██ eventually made the first move which was parried and in the same movement, it was stabbed. Although it seemed staggered, it did not go down instantly like a normal subject. It seems the stronger the opponent, the more stabs it will have to take to fall into the sleep. This is backed by tests with keter and Euclid level subjects. SCP- ██ was eventually pacified an hour into the fight, SCP-3448 received scar wounds from SCP- ██weapons. It was hypothesized that any form of bladed weapons could hurt and even kill SCP-3448 if the wielder could land a fatal hit. This is not recommended as she has incredible knowledge of various fencing styles and arts. SCP-3448 was commended for there obedience during the breach and was rewarded with a dinner with Dr ██████ and a *meeting* with SCP-████.

Addendum: 3448-W
Dr ██████ is the lead researcher on SCP-3448 and has conducted all interviews with her. In all interviews, SCP-3448 has preferred to only talk about either about fighting or makes flirtatious comments. The subject has seemed to have grown some sort of attachment to the doctor, being very flirtatious with her in all interviews and on there walks. Dr ██████ has yet to reciprocate any feeling toward the subject as directed by O5 personnel. SCP-3448 has tried teaching the Doctor to Fence, currently awaiting O5 clearance before beginning testing.2

Addendum: 448-G
The more the Frequency is used on her the more we are beginning to see a change. We think it's hurting her less and less every time they hear it. This morning, during the containment breach of SCP-3448, MTF Unit ████ was forced to use the Frequency. The subject stopped in their tracks, however, she did not instantly go down as previous exposures have affected her. She turned around and looked at the units for exactly 1.45 seconds before falling to the ground. If subject grows resistant to this then its methods of containment will have to be upgraded. Sending a request for SCP-3448 to be moved to a more secure Site.