Rasmus Bahnson

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The cell containing SCP-XXXX is to be locked at all times, except for when feeding SCP-XXXX. When doing so, it’s fundamental to use the airlock. No personnel are allowed to enter the cell whitout a required anti-frost suit and oxygen tank, while SCP-XXXX is in a tranquilized state. If a living organism were to directly inhale just a miniscule amount of frostair and get contaminated, the victim must be terminated straight away.

It’s essential that SCP-XXXX’s enclosures are monitored 24/7, while it’s mandatory that the climate of the cell is below 0 °C to keep the creature calm. All the heat walls fused to the containment cell must be checked once every hour, while being kept over 100 °C all the time.

In case of power outage or something else causing the heat walls to disfunction/power off, the SCP facility must be evacuated and enter lockdown immediately at all costs.

Description: Although looking like a reptilian, after several DNA tests, SCP-XXXX seems to be more of an amphibian.

SCP-XXXX is 100% carnivorous and will eat any kind of meat given to it. It’s unknown what its natural diet is, since there is found no other animals at the remote iceberg cave, it was discovered at. This lead to believe that SCP-XXXX may have resorted to [DATA EXPUNGED]. It’s still undiscovered whether or not SCP-XXXX lived as a solitary creature, let alone if it’s the only specimen of its kind left on earth.

SCP-XXXX appears to be the critical size, mass and somewhat bodyform of a tiger. SCP-XXXX is coated with a luminant ice-blue colour all around. Instead of having a skeleton, just like insects SCP-XXXX has an extremely solid, hard and thick endoskeleton, making it very resistent to tranquilizer guns, let alone bullets. Identical to an ant, SCP-XXXX can lift multiple times its own weight, making it unnaturally strong.

The head of SCP-XXXX has the form of a utahraptors head. Its jaws are equipped with hybridized teeth made of carbon/diamond and enamel. Just like snakes, SCP-XXXX have venom sacs connected to its front teeth. But instead of having venom, SCP-XXXX contains liquid nitrogen. After a bite has accrued, the blood will solidify, causing the blood circulation to stop, making the bite fatal. Its claws are made of unknown material, not to be found on the periodic table.

It has a 1,5 meter long tail, with sharp triangular spikes reaching from the neck, to the tail end. Like dimetrodons used their sail to gather sunlight, SCP-XXXX use its spikes. But unlike ectotherms and endotherms that use heat to survive, SCP-XXXX does the opposite. In order to remain calm and survive, its body tempature most remain below 0 °C whenever possible. The reason for that is unexplainable, as cold dosen’t emit energy.

Whenever it falls asleep, its body emits an unknown airborn substance (given the name frostair). If any creature (apart from itself) inhale this, the victims lungs will eventually freeze to ice, causing the victim to suffocate. Even after the victims dead, the corpse will still be contaminated with frostair and tremendously contagious, for the next 24 hours. It’s postulated that this happens to protect SCP-XXXX from being ambushed by predators while sleeping.
SCP-XXXX is also estimated to have thermal vision.

Despite SCP-XXXX being very dangerous, it isn’t that smart and is abundantly weak towards tempatures above 30 °C, while anything over 78 °C is directly fatal for SCP-XXXX.

After numerous behavioural tests on SCP-XXXX using children as subjects, it’s noticeable that the creature haven’t shown any signs of hostility nor aggression towards the children. It was concluded that SCP-XXXX didn’t see children as a threat, due to the harmless size of them. This theory was destroyed when adult personnel D-████ suffering for dwarfism, was sent into the cell, and unexpectedly killed. SCP-XXXX is still showing no voilence towards children, and has begun to show monolithic amounts of sympathy and even protection towards the young subjects. This behaviour is still incomprehensible.

Orgirins: SCP-XXXX was first found in Antarctica year ██ by a explore team of 16 researchers, that found an unusual hole in an iceberg. The hole led them into a strange cave, when they then encountered SCP-XXXX. They where attacked on sight, getting 9 of them killed, while the remaining 7 escaped. When the survivors made it safely back to the research facility they came from, they wasted no time contacting the SCP foundation and reporting the creature.
SCP-XXXX was captured at once, and brought to site ██. SCP personnel decided to put it in a containment cell at armed sector 2.

Addendum: [Notes, breaches and tests]
████ Personnel D-419 has been forced to enter the containment cell of SCP-XXXX in order to test aggression level. The subject was bitten with what first appeared to be a venomous bite. The subject was dead within 1 minute after the bite.
████ SCP-XXXX won’t calm down nor sleep. SCP-XXXX have breached its cell with ease. SCP-XXXX was successfully tranquilized and brought back into reinforced containment without any fatalities.
████ It has been concluded that SCP-XXXX dosen’t like hot temperatures and needs to be in a cold environment. SCP-XXXX’s containment cell has been air-conditioned to stay below 0 °C at all times. SCP-XXXX is now being calm for the first time.
████ [DATA EXPUNGED] tests has been done on SCP-XXXX.
████ SCP-XXXX is sleeping for the first time. It has produced an unknown gas while sleeping. Personnel D-729 has been forced to inhale the substance. The subject seems fine when coming out of the cell. The subject is found dead in bed next morning.
████ Airlock has been added after discovering frostair.
████ SCP-XXXX has been researched in a tranquilized state.
████ SCP-XXXX has breached its cell. SCP-XXXX was successfully tranquilized and brought back into reinforced containment with 4 fatalities.
████ Heat walls have been installed to the cell to keep SCP-XXXX from escaping.
████ Item SCP-4984 has been tested to have a [DATA EXPUNGED] effect on SCP-XXXX.
████ SCP-XXXX has acted abnormal. The creature has roared, almost sounding like it was calling.