raspberry is cold

Item #: SCP-40XX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No physical interaction with SCP-40XX is allowed. All unauthorized personnel who attempt to make such interaction must be terminated immediately.

SCP-40XX is to be contained in a sealed, 7.65 m. by 7.8 m. by 6 m. container composed of reinforced titanium. The container is kept ███ ft. under the main facility within six (6) layers comprised of identical material. Each layer is separated with 40 cm of empty space and is to be under 24-hour surveillance, including the containment chamber.

Any personnel who appear to be "acting abnormally" after a conversation with SCP-40XX are to be quarantined in a cell lined with graphene no less than 350 m. away from SCP-40XX's containment chamber.

Description: SCP-40XX is a humanoid entity with physical features that resemble that of a juvenile female of unkown age. SCP-40XX has an arrogant, narcissistic personality. Subject is approximately 1.7 m. tall with legs slightly out of proportion with the rest of the subject's body; legs are approximately 1 m. long each. SCP-40XX is capable of adult speech in English, French, and Spanish and is substantially above average in mental development. SCP-40XX appears to function properly if derived of the customary prerequisites for life function.

SCP-40XX's eyes are monochrome and do not seem to reflect light. Other facial features remain similar to that of an average juvenile female. It is unknown if subject has any eye ailments. SCP-40XX remains docile when left alone, with surveillance footage indicating that subject either incessantly paces the containment chamber for hours at a time or sits at the east wall, appearing to be [DATA EXPUNGED].

When someone views any part of SCP-40XX in person, SCP-40XX will start to approach subject (which will henceforth be referred to as SCP-40XX-1) and attempt to converse with said subject. If SCP-40XX-1 does not immediately reply and start a conversation, SCP-40XX's body will transform into a grotesque, distorted entity resembling a [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-40XX will then produce screeching noises of up to 300 decibels, causing extreme infrastructure damage, the incapacitation or eradication of all personnel ██ ██. away, and SCP-40XX-1 to expire.

SCP-40XX will subsequently attempt to reanimate the corpse of SCP-40XX-1 (which will henceforth be referred to as SCP-40XX-2). Afterwards, SCP-40XX and SCP-40XX-2 will attempt to escape its containment chamber by aggresively "catapulting" themselves at the wall and emmiting screeches of up to 195 decibels. After the █/██/████ Incident, it is noted that reinforced titanium is the most resistant against SCP-40XX and SCP-40XX-2's attacks, taking ██ minutes to successfully destroy. SCP-40XX generally relinquishes its attempted escape after reaching the sixth and outermost layer. SCP-40XX-2 will become inanimate after SCP-40XX's surrender, and SCP-40XX will return to its normal, docile state once it returns to its main containment chamber.

In order to stop SCP-40XX from progressing in its hostile state any further, subjects must "complement" SCP-40XX in as many various ways as possible. Complements can be subtle or outright, with the type and form they are stated in not appearing to matter to SCP-40XX. Each complement will slowly revert SCP-40XX to its normal state, with a mean of ten (10) complements adequate.

If subject decides to initiate a conversation with SCP-40XX,

Discovery: SCP-40XX was discovered in an abandoned shack in ██████, Mongolia on ██/██/████ after a report of the sudden, entire disappearance of the entire town. SCP-40XX was found with one instance of SCP-40XX-3 and in its ghastly form.