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Tutis. Contineo. Protego.


Image from the initial examination of the ALC-407 borehole.

Preliminary Anomaly Report 3/30/18
Anomalous Location Code: 407 Containment Priority: Undetermined Chance Of Beneficial Function: Unknown
Anomaly Summary: ALC-407 is a highly energetic spacetime anomaly at the bottom of an irregular borehole beneath the ancient Incan structures of Macchu Picchu, in the Southern American Confederacy, near [INFOHAZARD REDACTED]. ALC-407 appears visually as an indistinct, mist-like substance with no apparent source.
Containment Summary: The Confederate Institute For Anomalous Study and Control (CIASC) has assumed responsibility for on-site monitoring of ALC-407. Standard security and isolation measures are in place to prevent civilian access.

On 3/27/18, Project Panopticon's Medium-Orbit Thaumaturgic Satellite Array (MOTSA), was brought online. Within minutes, MOTSA registered and verified dozens of pingbacks on all seven continents, each corresponding to sites of unusual thaumaturgic activity and potential anomalies. Anomalous control divisions worldwide began coordinated operations to search for, isolate, and document these anomalies.

The following day, MOTSA detected a thaumaturgic energy signature in the immediate vicinity of the ancient Incan estate Macchu Picchu. It is currently believed that the proximity of the previously known [INFOHAZARD REDACTED] anomaly nearby masked the presence of ALC-407 prior to the implementation of MOTSA-level scans. IAMMU Command notified CIASC authorities, who in turn deployed archaeological teams and security forces to Macchu Picchu. As a national heritage site, it had been almost entirely off-limits to archaeological investigation, until its anomalous status was discovered.

On the morning of 3/31/18, an IAMMU Inspection & Monitoring Team under the supervision of Dr. Hall (the resident thaumatologist) was dispatched from IAMMU South American Headquarters, to observe, assist, and verify containment efforts. The following day, an excavation team dug into the irregular borehole and verified that it was the source of the anomalous energies.