The Anti-Left Industrial Dryer

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX’s containment cell is located next to Site █’s laundry facilities. Object is housed with an ordinary industrial grade washer, similar to one found in any laundromat or large-scale laundry facility, as a set (washer is not anomalous). Cell is approximately 5x5 meters. Along with SCP-XXXX and the non-anomalous washer is a folding table, a laundry cart, a hanging rack, necessary laundry chemicals, such as detergent, softener, and bleach. There is a fire extinguisher inside the cell as well, in case of fire as well as a trash receptacle and appropriately sized trash bags for lint. Across from SCP-XXXX hangs a security camera from the ceiling aimed directly at the object. While not dangerous when used according to safety standards, it is continuously monitored for any change of status from its normal condition. The device is never to be used by left-handed personnel. Usage and maintenance must always be performed by right-handed or ambidextrous members of staff.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a normal industrial front-loading clothes dryer, similar to one found in any large-scale laundry facility or laundromat. Non-metallic parts of the exterior are a well-worn white and faded yellow. SCP-XXXX has a coin deposit, though this has been disabled, as coinage for the machine is unnecessary. Since coming into possession of the foundation, standard magnetic signs have been posted on the metal exterior. One sign warns against leaving the object unattended while in use and the other warns users to not dry janitorial mops and rags. These signs are standard on the normal laundry facility dryers as well.

SCP-XXXX is set against the wall of its cell. When facing SCP-XXXX, the non-anomalous industrial front loading washer, is to the left and the cell wall is to the object’s right. On that wall is a corkboard of instructions and warnings. The instructions are standard for using any non-anomalous dryer of this sort. The warnings posted state that usage and maintenance can only be done by personnel that are right handed or ambidextrous. Another posted warning states that certain articles of clothing must not be placed within SCP-XXXX. Examples include socks, separated hose/stockings, gloves, shoes/slippers, and any other non-connected paired article of clothing.

It is imperative that the lint trap of SCP-XXXX must be cleaned out after four consecutive loads, regardless of how far apart. These are for standard fire safety. Should a fire occur, an extinguisher is present within SCP-XXXX’s cell. Personnel must report any incidents or oddities.

Please do not crawl entirely inside the drum of SCP-XXXX without express orders to do so for testing by a presiding Level 5 member of staff.

SCP-XXXX was brought to the foundation’s attention by accident in 1974 in a Philadelphia laundromat. Object was in and out of order frequently, due to articles of clothing constantly going missing. After continuous instances, the foundation acquired SCP-XXXX for initial testing. Normal washing and drying procedures were performed with a few articles going missing in some loads. At first, no pattern [REDACTED].

The drum of SCP-XXXX fell from its suspension. Maintenance was sent in to re-suspend the drum and repair any other damages to the machine. The repairs were made, but maintenance personnel [REDACTED]. Exploration of the drum proceeded, with 98% of personnel observing no obvious anomalies. Agent █████ proceeded into the drum to retrieve a penny and vanished into the drum. He did not return. The only difference was that the other 98% of staff present were right handed.

It appears that SCP-XXXX contains a portal to some other dimension of some sort. Little is known about this dimension, which has been classified as SCP-XXX-1. Initial tests [REDACTED]. Initial tests have been performed alongside the upgrade of certain technologies, in hopes of overcoming the barrier between our existence and SCP-XXX-1.

Test 1 12 pairs of standard winter mittens and 10 pairs of men’s white tube socks were placed into SCP-XXXX. After the cycle had finished, only 12 right-hand mittens and 10 individual tube socks remained. When the cycle was repeated with the remaining articles of clothing, 12 right handed gloves were still present in the drum, but only 5 individual tube socks remained.

This test has been repeated with different articles of clothing. Results varied, depending on the nature of the pair. Pants and undergarments seem to be unaffected, as the right and left side are attached to each other. Standard gloves, in which the glove was not specifically made for a particular hand, would shrink in number by half with each additional cycle. However, dress cloves and mittens would only half once, with only the specifically right ones remaining. Non-specific slippers halved with each cycle with specifically paired shoes and slippers only halved once, with the right article remaining intact.

One such test in the late 1980s provided audio feedback from the test subject, but was unintelligible. A 1993 attempt garnered the first hints of the nature of SCP-XXX-1. The audio lasted for three minutes, though video equipment failed. Subject responded with the information that SCP-XXX-1 was a fairly dry and hot place. Features included a lime green sky, peach clouds, and a sun with a ring around. This same attempt informed us that the grass of SCP-XXXX-1 is tall and purple. However, repeated tests have uncovered different settings, leading the foundation to believe the portal changes to random locations within SCP-XXXX-1.

After many subsequent tests, the following is what the foundation has learned: SCP-XXXX-1 is a dimension that, so far, seems to be universally hot. Subjects presenting in plains and forests and shorelines equate it to 39.4○C–43.3○C (103○F-110○F), and subjects appearing in savannahs and deserts reporting temperatures as high as 65.5○C (150○F) before contact was lost. The sky is primarily lime green, grass is purple, trees have dark trunks and foliage of different shades of blue and blue-green. Water has been described as maroon, red, and orange, theoretically different depending on location and makeup. Maroon is often described most in what would theoretically be salt water environments while the lighter red and more orange the water being, theoretically, fresher. It is currently unknown what temperatures the different bodies of water are set, due to subjects apparently being suspended in the air from the lines tied about them.

Recent tests with SCP-XXXX have been slightly more successful. Audio feedback can last up to ten minutes and both photo and video feedback has started to prove effective. Current videos are of poor quality. Still photos, while grainy, are of better quality. It has been discovered that there is life within SCP-XXXX-1. Reports and images of large insects have appeared, as well as animals similar to our large reptiles, such as a vermillion iguana, and brightly colored monitor lizards to name a few. Mammals have also been documented, though primarily, findings have shown rodents of different sizes, though smaller than the reptiles, bats (and the possibility of birds), and a photo of a creature that may possibly be small to moderately sized primate, such as a such as a monkey or lemur. Nothing great ape-like or humanoid has yet to be spotted.

One subject noted that any articles of clothing that happened to go through with him were snatched up and eaten by the large reptiles, with another reporting he had perhaps seen a shark in the water doing the same. It is unknown as to why and due to the fruits available and prey in the dimension, the clothing doesn’t seem to have any real purpose to the environment nor any effect, so far, on the wildlife.

All attempts to bring subjects back to the foundation have failed. As of now, it appears that traveling to SCP-XXXX-1 is a one-way trip. Further tests will resume once more suitable technologies have become available. Until such time, no left-handed individuals are allowed into nor to operate the machine.

It is noted that ambidextrous individuals, regardless of which hand is their favored side, are immune to whatever anomaly SCP-XXXX uses to transport material into SPC-XXXX-1. So long as all proper procedures are followed, SCP-XXXX is as safe as generally any other non-anomalous machines of its type. Usage can only be applied by right handed and ambidextrous staff. Among them, any level of clearance is permitted. It should be noted, however, that the foundation is not responsible for any lost articles of clothing that has disappeared into SCP-XXXX.

Test 2 Two D-Class personnel were instructed to crawl into the drum of SPC-XXXX. The first, a right-handed individual, as expected, observed and experienced no anomalies. The second individual, left-handed, crawled into the drum and appeared to disappear into the back as if there was no back. Once he had crawled beyond the drum entirely, he disappeared and could not be retrieved.

Test 3 Left-handed D-Class personnel was given a radio device and tethered about thee waste before venturing into the drum. Feedback was present, but any manner of clear communication was unsuccessful. While the tether remained taught, it was attached to the back off the drum as if it has always been there. The tether had to be cut from the back of the drum, after which, the stub faded into the mysterious dimension.

Tests 4-9 [REDACTED]

Test 10 The tether has been lengthened again in hopes that the subject will either finally set foot on the ground or closer to it. Upgrades on visual and audio equipment have been made again. Subject immediately began screaming once entirely through the portal. Visual equipment failed. Audio equipment was very clear with subject mentioning an ocean and a shark. The ensuing responses [REDACTED]. It is now unclear if further tests should continue to lengthen the tethers to reach ground, or to shorten them once again to avoid [REDACTED].

Tests 11-13 [REDACTED].

Test 14 Visual equipment has finally shown promise. The quality is poor, but blurred shapes of color are not visible on the monitors. The sound equipment has successfully picked up wind, rustling trees, running water, and various noises from yet unknown organisms. Theoretically, birds can be heard. Other potential animal sounds are not yet identifiable. Subject presented slack on the tether and stated his position in a tree. The tree, and other nearby trees was reported to have fruits visually similar to dragon fruits, coconuts, bananas, and kiwis. Bushes were reported to have a variety of colored berries, though the subject did not investigate further. Contact was lost shortly after.

Test 15 Photo feedback has revealed a blurry but recognizable image of a large vermillion iguana-like lizard with large cheek pouches. Another subject managed to photograph some bats. It’s uncertain if these are fruit bats or if they hunt, as they were only observed in their sleeping state. Fur appeared to be a mix of burnt orange and moderate brown with wings ranging from purple in some individuals to blue, to dark red, to brown, to black. While the variety of wing color may suggest otherwise, current theory proposes that these are all the same species with a variety of wing color variant genes.

Test 16 Initially planned tests have been delayed due to [REDACTED]. In the meantime, to settle curiosity, 4 D-Class individuals were brought into SCP-XXXX’s cell. All four were ambidextrous with two favoring the right hand and two favoring the left. As expected, those who favored their right hands had no anomalous affects. Against general expectation, the those who favored their left hands also had no anomalous incidents. It appears that, regardless of personal preference, any ambidextrous individual is immune to SCP-XXXX’s anomaly. *Dr. Bright won $20 from this test.