Chiriox Sandbox

Hi I don't know what I'm doing here are some draft skip's and ideas and all that.

Poor Mans Plague (cognitive virus that makes people perceive others as crazy monsters, when in reality its not the case. Named because all affected are low income but thats a ruse because they’ve no fucking idea how it works)

Elevator Operator (Elevator found at Foundation site. Skip itself is technically safe, but anomalous Operator inside is unpredictable. Operator is prone to becoming aggrevated when the elevator isn't used proper and/or someone hits the button. Skip warps reality inside the elevator to a limited degree)

Under the Hill (building thats antimemetic properties fuck with containment and literally wipe people from existence simply because you can't perceive that they're real. Working on it)

A Bottomless Sea (paradoxically massive caves with impossible space. Inside is a massive aquatic lovecraftian secret. Spooky monsters and the Foundation maintaining a naval base to explore both the caves and a civilisation that at one point inhabited the area)