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SCP-3283 in its current location

Item #: SCP-3283

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3283 is to be kept in a cell 46 by 46 meters with 6 layers of igneous rock, each layer 1 meter thick, due to their ability to significantly reduce sound propagation. Personnel testing SCP-3283 must have permission from Level-4 personnel. Mobile Task Force Beta-7 “Maz hatters” is set to patrol the perimeter of SCP-3283’s containment chamber to locate any breach of containment.

Description: SCP-3283 was initially located in land held by the Soviet Union (USSR) during 19██, 4/██/██. During the Cold War, a group of satanists known as GoI-████ desired the Armageddon, expecting the “devil” to return as mentioned in a note1 recovered from their Cult grounds in ███████. In order for them to perform such an act, they created the “living lie”.
SCP-3283 is a 40 by 40 meters old satanist outpost, dating back to 1821, where rituals were often conducted by GoI-████ members. SCP-3283 has been found to possess abnormal abilities that are able of spreading and existing beyond any physical condition, such as being unable to hear, or being immobile. SCP-3283 has been found to become increasingly dangerous as time progresses, without anything being able to stop its effects. Symptoms begin with fabrication of events and stories, slowly progressing into lethargic beings, hallucinations, and increasing hostility. Despite best efforts to analyze infected subjects, no existence of microscopic life has been found. SCP-3283 has been found to trigger only once a lie has been said in a 25 x 25 meter perimeter. Anybody who has heard the fabrictation within the following 24 hours of the lie being said is infected with the effects of SCP-3283. Subjects known to have been infected must be terminated immediately.