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Foundation Gothic

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Foundation Gothic

Elizabeth helps Lilian get ready for a party, and Lilian mentions having recurring dreams of a mysterious figure. This is Teiwaz, who is spying on Elizabeth through Lilian in the Oneiroi network. Elizabeth mentions not hearing back from Randolph in quite a while, and Lilian (jokingly) speculates that he's run off with another woman.
Dorian and Quincy are attending the party. Seymour shows up, unannounced. Privately, he tells Elizabeth and Quincy that another husk has been found, which is stated to have happened quite a lot. Elizabeth mentions that Gregor has been unwilling to cooperate, which is due to him believing that Teiwaz is coming for him any moment. Quincy and Seymour agree that she needs to get some information out of Gregor now, before more husks start appearing.
Back inside, Elizabeth says goodbye to Lilian, who is very excited to go to sleep, because she wants to see the man in her dreams again.

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Only in My Dreams