Recursive: Giant Monsters All Out Attack!

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In the darkness beyond comprehension, a predator lurked. The stars that surrounded- and composed- it occasionally lit up part of its body, but never the whole being. Anchored to its perch, it stared down on all it could see, eyes unblinking. A moment's lapse in attention could be the loss of a golden opportunity, and it could not afford to- oh?

The thing's attention shifted, like a spider that had sensed a new arrival on its web. Something that had previously been out of sight suddenly came into focus. Thrashing about, it sent out ripples, each one tickling the taste buds of the predator. What was this?

The predator sent out a single, cautious tendril to investigate. It gently wrapped around, taking in the new sensations. It was a city, the likes of which it had never seen before. There were pillars of marble, gates of pearl. The people seemed to have a strange light about them- magic ran through their veins. It was… tantalizing.

How had it not noticed this before? The predator tightened its grip around the city, and felt something crack like glass beneath it. Ah, there it was; it had been hidden beneath some sort of seal. Regardless, it was within the predator's sight now, and it would not be lost again.

The predator's tendril spiraled around the city like a vulture, considering the best method of infiltration. A sudden disturbance caught its attention, and it paused. Another entity had intruded upon the city. Some large creature, no doubt also drawn by the energy the city and its people radiated.

As the creature made landfall, the scent of smoke and burning flesh reached the predator, exciting it. The predator continued circling the city, content for the time being to merely observe.

Lightning lit up the world, giving the people below a tiny glimpse of a colossal leviathan. They ran in every direction, some attempting in vain to stop the beast with bolts of magic. It roared, sending people clutching their ears in pain.

It thrashed about as tiny helicopters pelted it with harmless bullets, every motion sending waves of seawater rushing through the streets. People, animals, all was swept away by the typhoon. Even the great palace, pride of all Hy-Brasil, had been reduced to rubble by the onslaught.

Suddenly, the storm halted, as if time itself had been frozen. Those who were still alive looked up, an indescribable mixture of hope and horror on their face. The beast was still, frozen in place by a spear of light, which passed cleanly through its head and continued onward.

For a moment, the leviathan was left standing, as if it were suspended by some unseen force. Then came the wave of destruction, which demolished all that was left of Hy-Brasil.

Quentin woke to a salty splash of water in his face. As he struggled to open his eyes, he felt the coarse and rough earth beneath him. Sand? He must have fallen asleep at the beach.

It must have all been a nightmare, uncommon as those were to him. Hy-Brasil had stood for centuries, it would not fall. He opened his eyes, sure that he would see the familiar city before him, faithful as the sunrise.

It was not.

Quentin slowly sat up, not even bothering to brush the sand from his face. He was alone on the beach, save for driftwood and other detritus that had been carried with him to shore by the turbulent waters. On the horizon, outlined by the starry sky, were the ruins of Hy-Brasil.

Tall towers of gold and pearl had been replaced by columns of smoke and ash. The bustling streets were still and empty. Everything was silent. In the center of it all was the corpse of a massive beast, surrounded by glowing embers.

Quentin collapsed onto his back. Everything was spinning. He felt as if he were falling through a hurricane, desperate to latch on to something- anything.

The only thing he could still recognize was above him. The night sky, filled with shining stars. Despite everything, they still shone down upon him with the comforting light he had always seen. They almost seemed to be returning his gaze, as if every single star and constellation was a neuron in some enormous brain. And Quentin had its full attention.

As he watched, he saw something. It was a constellation that he had never noticed before. One of a face, watching over him in a comforting way. In the back of his mind, he sensed something that he couldn't quite describe. To call it a voice would be inaccurate, it was as if something in himself had gained a mind of its own. And was communicating directly with him.

The stars are beautiful, are they not?

Something about the voice set Quentin's hair on end, yet soothed him at the same time. The not-voice was tender- almost motherly.

Cities- Nations, they rise and fall like the changing of the tides. All is eventually washed away. But I will never abandon you.

Quentin opened his mouth to speak, but the not-voice interrupted him.

You already know within yourself who I am. My arms have spread far and wide across this world- across many worlds. And now, in your time of need, I close them and embrace you.

This world cries out in pain. Every being has the sense of emptiness and loneliness which yearn to fill themselves up with something much greater. A longing for direction and purpose, to make sense of the chaos. You feel it now.

The face in the sky seemed to shed a tear, and Quentin watched as it shot across the night sky. It descended rapidly, and landed with a mighty splash in the water before him. He rose, compelled by a sudden sense of urgency and purpose. He waded through the shallows, pushing aside debris and immobile bodies in the water to follow the dim light. After a moment, he reached the fallen star, and took it in his hands.

It was like a giant green pearl, the size of a large fruit, warm to the touch and glowing gently. Quentin looked up to the sky once more, confused.

This is my gift to you. Proof that even obstacles as tall as mountains will fall before you. When the time comes, you will know what to do.

The face stared eagerly down on the ragged survivor as if he were a hearty meal. Quentin nodded, holding the egg close to his heart, feeling its warmth. In his mind, he saw Hy-Brasil as it once was- no, even better and more beautiful. It was waiting for him.

I will keep it safe for you, until you return. You will wander the earth in search of those like you. Those who have known the pain of loss, and been alone. The magic in your veins will sing to them, and draw them close.

Finally, when you are ready, I will welcome you back into my arms.

Quentin stood tall, watching the sun begin to rise on the horizon. The face in the sky faded, outshone by the sun. There was nothing before him but the wide open ocean, waiting to swallow him in its embrace.

His blank expression slowly twisted into a smile. Cradling the orb in his arms, he turned towards the wreckage of Hy-Brasil and began his journey.

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