Recursive's Talebox

Unsorted Tales

For tales that aren't attached to any series that I am writing. Tales attached to specific series may be found below.

Unnamed tale, Competitive Eschatology

Takes place far after the rest of the canon, in a desolate wasteland heavily implied to be what is left after all the various world enders and humanity have warred it out. All that is left is two universal, primordial entities that represent life and death. Death is hunting Life, who is desperately protecting what she believes to be the last living thing, a small seed. It ends with both of them dying, and allowing their bodies to act as sustenance for the seed. What happens next is up to the reader.

MC&D v. Hell

Marshall Carter and Dark, in their endless quest for power, have secured a portal to hell. They are now using its endless fires for energy. Cue frigid corporate interaction with Lucifer himself which threatens to break out into a total war on Earth. But MC&D aren’t really worried.

Tales from the Ranch

A series of short stories all focused on a particular hub of anomalous activity in the Great Plains of America, inspired by the stories of Skinwalker Ranch. The place has always been mysterious, once requiring the alliance of all sorts of occult groups to seal away, until the unending hunger of modern society led to it being discovered once again.

If Only in My Dreams

Just put this here so I wouldn't have to scroll up so far while previewing.

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