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Organism Number: Species Classification Project #XXXX

Intelligence Level: Sapient, Type 3 Dominant Species

Species Communication Protocols: SCP-XXXX is not to be made aware of the existence of intelligent life beyond its habitat, which is currently under a quarantine. SCP-XXXX is to be considered highly dangerous, even in low numbers. As SCP-XXXX is expected to become capable of advanced interplanetary travel within the next 500 solar revolutions of their planet, an encounter is inevitable. The Overseers' Council is currently formulating a defense strategy for an eventual conflict.

Cautionary Information: A solitary instance of SCP-XXXX exhibits no remarkable speed or physical strength, however their stamina is among the highest in observed species, and they are able to follow potential prey for extended periods of time. In addition to this, SCP-XXXX are able to track prey by detecting vibrations through their atmosphere, as well as detecting traces of chemicals left behind by fleeing prey, allowing them to continue their pursuit even in low-visibility conditions. Even when caught off guard, SCP-XXXX are dangerous due to their ability to generate sudden bursts of strength in stressful situations. The mechanism behind this is unknown.

SCP-XXXX are also proficient in the use of improvised weapons, and are able to convert nearly any object they are able to lift into a projectile or melee weapon. Groups of SCP-XXXX are considered extremely dangerous, as they are capable of coordinated attacks, even when there is no direct communication.

Traits: SCP-XXXX is an advanced species of pack hunters which experienced a remarkable period of societal development within the last few thousand years, leading to their ascent to a Type 3 Dominant species as of the creation of this document. The current total population of SCP-XXXX in their habitat is estimated to be in the low billions, and is on a constant rise.


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