RecursiveRecursion Sandbox II: Attack of the Sand

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Okay so, because employee morale is very important, I imagine that they have meetings maybe twice a week where everyone says what’s going on and such. Like, feelings and official stuff alike. That’s sorta how I imagined it. If something is urgent or a project is getting worked on, emails are certainly common. They can also go and meet people where they usually work, but the point is I think they would try and do as much as possible in person. For general things, I also definitely imagine they use bulletins.

At the HQ, I imagine that in the lobby, if there is a job that needs to get done that’s not super urgent then someone with the knowledge might put up a notice that it needs to get done and what needs to get done and anyone may come and take a job from the bulletin and go do it. Very freeform, not super tech savvy environment. No forums, definitely emails.

Wilson's Wildlife Solutions is proud to present…
The Wildlife's Fantastic Flyers!

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Plans for the Articles themselves!: The Promotional one will be a flyer for a fundraising event by WWS, mostly aimed towards children and young adults. The event in question will be WWS members doing a meet-and-greet, so to speak, with the Wildlife's Fantastic Flyers!, which are flying animals and insects native to Oregon. So far, as members of the Fantastic Flyers, I have:

  • A Puffin
  • A Big Brown Bat
  • An Owl
  • A Bald Eagle
  • And a Swallowtail Butterfly, which is the state insect of Oregon.

At least one of them will probably be anomalous, and it will probably be the Butterfly.