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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a lead strongbox and locked with a minimum of two 4 digit padlocks, which are to be regularly changed on a weekly basis. The entity must be contained within a concrete dome, spanning 3 m tall at its center, and having a diameter of 7 m. In the result of any unprotected contact by personnel, They are to be escorted into an adjacent chamber and promptly stored for a 6 hour period before a mental health screening and physical can be issued.

The entryway is to be guarded by no less 4 armed personnel with Level 2 clearance, exchanging shifts at regular intervals when testing is not underway. The item is to not be tested without the permission of 2 level 3 personnel each with a proper understanding of SCP-XXXX and its containment protocols.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a plastic yellow game cartridge, with a blank, faded label and containing the typical appearance of such cartridges. The object appears to hold no differences compared to similar cartridges aside from a missing brand logo seemingly scratched off, speculated to have read: "█████'s Gameshack". The object's creation appears to predate the introduction of the first entertainment system by a minimum of 60 years prior. SCP-XXXX is assumed to have the ability to shift forms based on account of not being 'activated' within a certain time frame, which as of now is undefined.



SCP-XXXX-1 is a vintage red television, complete with its own game console. The object had seemingly appeared aside SCP-XXXX during a short period while it was being contained. SCP-XXXX-1 has no seemingly anomalous effects aside from the following: Any attempts to remove the cartridge or television within 3 m of each-other will result in the subject being compelled to put the object back in its original position, managing to penetrate the use of any memetic shields that are unable to counteract Level 4 Cognitohazards. This effectively makes the two inseparable as one of the only objects capable of doing so is located within Site ██ and restricted to the highest clearance level, as a result of the Chaos Insurgency's recent spike of interest with memetic anomalies.

Upon entering within a 7 m radial range of SCP-XXXX the subject is immediately compelled to search for the cartridge. If locked up within its protective container, the subject will sit in-front of the object's container and patiently wait until it is removed. Upon making contact on SCP-XXXX the subject will immediately place the cartridge within its proper slot, each time having seen to take different names such as "Beach-side █████" or "███████ by the Manor"

The game will then promptly boot up between a 3.2-8.9 second time frame and display a loading screen, typically opening up with an overlook of a house, this has varied from cases such as a ███████ as seen in "Beach-side █████" or a mansion, from "███████ by the Manor". The game itself is a text based adventure, featuring typical dialogue and rudimentary action trees, always stemming off of 'use', 'look', 'move to' and 'leave'. The house often depicts a collage, or an exact replication of a happy memory from the subjects subconscious. After exploration the subject will inevitably come across an instance of the exact same cartridge and television within the memory. When repeating the previous process as stated above, the actual monitor will then promptly shut off and reboot as if nothing had happened.

Upon start-up for the second time the game then plays out a distorted version of the subject's fondest memory often defacing it with text scrawled across walls, commonly followed by a substance oozing from the walls, the color of which was dependent on when the memory had been taken place, based upon the zodiac calendar each with a corresponding color. When the subject attempts to go back to where the virtual copy of SCP-XXXX was, they will witness themselves sitting in-front of the television, in any attempt to flee or examine the person, the game will instantly shut down, resulting in a fatal heart attack in the subject playing the game. It is recommended that the subject be extracted with force before this 'kill-screen' is viewed.

During the second play-through of SCP-XXXX subjects have also claimed to experience hallucinations and hearing sounds that have been also mentioned inside of the game, some have even claimed to have been back in their previous homes reliving the experiences in person. Any attempts to leave via commands will result in a similar kill-screen, often tying in themes of abandonment and psychological attacks against the subject before they ultimately start attempting to aggressively bite at their wrists until expiration or interference. This effect persists until the victim is physically incapable of doing so or is brought 100 m away from the object.

Addendum 1: SCP-XXXX was discovered in the year 199█ underneath the investigation of ██ disappearances revolving around ██████,Ohio. The victims ages ranged from 12 to as old as 64, each of which commonly possessing a standard life, and being perfectly happy with their current situations. Local police entered a house reportedly owned by ██████ █████████ upon inspection the house was completely barren aside from the living room. Within the living room was a television, and SNES with SCP-XXXX inserted into the console. The officers never had exited the room and was promptly brought up to Site-██'s attention by Agent [REDACTED]. The corpses of both the officers and missing victims were all recovered, strewn about the house and often put out of view. The item was then recovered by Squadron Delta, before being classified underneath the Euclid class.

Addendum 2: Due to the recent incident of #XXXX-02-Lambda all those afflicted with the entity's hazardous effects will be escorted by 2 armed personnel, each having scored no less than a 7.2 on the IME (Indifference Monitoring Exam) and are fully expected to guard the affected personnel for the full 6 hour period.

Notice: Please do not take advantage of those afflicted with SCP-XXXX's memetic effects under no circumstances. Even if they are known to steal lunches during evening meal time - Researcher [REDACTED]