Redd Pixell

Item #: SCP-6045

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6045 is to be kept in Researcher Pixell’s office, in a safe at Site-81. A surveillance camera is to be kept within the safe and any changes to SCP-6045’s spatial dimensions is to be reported to Researcher Pixell immediately.

Description: SCP-6045 is a brown leather attache suitcase filled with an unknown amount of books designated SCP-6045-B. It was found in Pixell’s hand when he was hired to work at the Foundation on ██-██-████. Stated as a “private collection” by the researcher. The contents of SCP-6045-B has a likeness to a romance novel with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Everytime an event happens in a relationship within the staff team, the book fills in the blank pages after the abrupt stopping point, and generates new blank pages at the same rate. The origins of the ink found on the new pages is unknown, yet when identified, it reads as regular ink used in non-anomalous works of literature.

Addendum-6045-1: By special request of Researcher Pixell, SCP-073 is only to digitally view the contents of 6045-B. Dr. Bright is not allowed to be anywhere near Pixell’s office, let alone the safe hidden near [DATA REDACTED].

Addendum-6045-2: A new black suitcase has been found after Pixell’s short departure. Containing adventure books following the exploration logs of the same staff designated SCP-6045-C. The same nature is observed and it is to be kept in a separate safe. Dr. Bright is still not permitted near the safe under any circumstances.