SCP-XXXX - The Liberation Conch

Item #: SCP-XXXX


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a sealed, 1x1x1 container, modified with enhanced soundproofing material. Container is to be filled with Styrofoam packaging to prevent damage, and further mute sound produced. No testing to the effects of SCP-XXXX are to be done, and anyone attempting to do so without permission from on site Administration will be administered class B anesthetics, and released.

Should the need ever arise, any personnel exposing themselves to SCP-XXXX must wear enhanced sound isolation, as any exposure to SCP-XXXX’s anomalous resonance irreversibly attracts the subject. If this occurs, immediately destroy SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP- is a largely beige, pointed conch, discovered in ██████. Upon observation, SCP-XXXX has no physical anomalies that would visually separate it from a non-anomalous conch shell. Its only anomalous aspect appears to be its auditory emissions, which are constant, and also indistinguishable from a non-anomalous conch shell. This noise irreversibly attracts the subject, drawing them to hold the object to their ears and accept the conch's effects.

Every human that has so far been observed in unprotected contact with SCP-XXXX, including researchers in the soundproof examination chamber of Site-76, has been unable to resist listening to the resonance coming from it. Following exposure to SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties, behavior of subjects will begin a gradual shift. Documented changes include withdrawal from social situations, increased compliance with given orders, and loss of interest in personal hobbies and fields of study. Subjects questioned about this change describe themselves as “liberated”, seeing the loss of personality as freeing. Research is ongoing, but initial attempts to restore subjects exposed to SCP-XXXX have been unsuccessful.

Foundation researches have thus far been unable to identify the origin of the Conch, or whether it was ever alive.

Recovery: SCP-XXXX was recovered after scouts reported odd behavior from a family in an isolated town in coastal ██████, leading to investigation and subsequent identification and recovery of SCP-xxxx. Tests were performed at Site-76, but quickly proved fruitless, as well as involving the loss of Dr. ████████ and Dr. ████ for the Foundation, due to the loss of will caused by SCP-XXXX. It was soon after securely stashed away in storage.

Interview with Dr. ████, post contact with SCP-XXXX

Foreword: Dr. ████ had examined SCP-XXXX roughly 2 hours prior to the interview, taking off his sound isolating headphones and quickly becoming enraptured by the object. Security personnel entered soon after but isolating both the object and Dr. ████ had no effect on either's behavior.

<Begin Log, March 31st 2018, 00:20>

████████: Let us start with the basics, Doctor. What did you hear from SCP-XXXX in the examination chamber?

Dr. ████: Nothing but its soothing tones.

████████: And what did the noises eminating from SCP-XXXX compel you to do?

Dr. ████: Only to free my mind. Let myself be liberated.

████████: Liberated?
Dr. ████: I am free of desires, free of worries and free of my imperfect thought pattern. The conch has freed me of my mortal coil.

████████: Are you not still mortal, Doctor?
Dr. ████: It matters not. I am with the Conch now, this world has no claim to me.
████████: So you feel like you're in another place?
Dr. ████: I am with the Conch.
<End Log, March 31st 2018, 00:22>

Closing Statement: The interview continued for hours afterwards, but no additional information was gained. From Dr. ████'s statements, it would seem the object made no specific commands, merely exercising a form of subtle mental control. The nature of this control was not determined further.