"I just want to say," said Forensic Agent 571, "we did a helluva wonderful job this week!" There was about a hundred cheers from the cafeteria. Director 004 got up, his face mask adjusted once he was up, speaking, "Forensic Agents, Directors, and Ethics Committee. Vincent Anderson is dead. And we helped in that!"

The cafeteria roared in cheers within Area-105, the Base of Operations for the Anomalous Forensics Department. The cafeteria was specially decorated in balloons, and banners saying, "mission completed" and "congratulations!" The party tuckered out a few hours later, everyone returning to work. There was a lot of Casefile paperwork to finish.

The next day had a meeting held by Director 004. Mostly their weekly meeting, but as well as a promotional meeting. Initations and the such. And then, something real special from their casual meetings.

The projector turned on, showing a slideshow, Director 004 speaking, "Vincent Anderson is dead. We all know this. But this doesn't mean our job is yet done," he said, switching to a slide with the map of Earth, "there are still Warehouses to infiltrate, destroy, or possibly capture. It's not our job to do the latter two. But it's our job to do the first."

"Starting next week, we are beginning Operation Reiteration," said Special Forensic Agent 555, "which means you all are dismissed until next week." The Agents were all confused, looking at each other, 555 sighing as she pressed the NEXT button, the slide saying, "You all get a break. Effective now" That, in which caused an uproar.