RegularSlambo's Halloween Contest 2018 Tale - Arabian Candy Trek 1001
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A particularly bountiful Halloween night was approaching - so said the snack world forecast, good news for the 8-Ball genie. He had never been so naughty as to manifest without being summoned by someone, but this was too good to pass up; this

8-ball genie manifested, his containment locker bulging and breaking, an explosion of shrapnel giving way to a lanky, blue, overweight form. He sprinted, approachingthe end of the hallway lined with lockers, winding up his good arm and liberating the large metal door from its hinges, a gateway to the rest of the facility, and soon, the candy-filled world.

"Woah, what the fuck!" A stunned researcher

their friend gasping for air as they were crus

"Sorry man, uh, gotta get somewhere."

Breach alarms were blaring,

The day was bright, the air cold, Earth looked much different on the outside compared to the sterile locale he was used to giving answers in.

It is sunrise, Snack , researchers had a new incident to transcribe, and

and was welcomed to the Euclid club

  • SCP-2654 is main character or something
  • starts on Halloween and ends on all saints day (November 1st)