Researcher A Heredy

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a room 50 meters below ground with no electricity with 4 fire lamps on each corner of the inner containment zone that must be lit when the room is in use, there must also be 1 fire lamp on the outer containment zone. Instead of using an elevator personnel going into the room must use the rope connected to the pulley and jump down to the containment zone where they will land on a cushion. All personnel must wear the helmets on the left side of the drop for security reason, on the right side of the drop are 5 50cmx50cmx50cm electronic coded safe that is where personnel store their electronics, the safe must be left open when not in use so that other personnel who uses them can set a new code. Personnel who has been caught attempting to or actually smuggling an electronic shall be punished by the type of item and the effect it has done, personnel who uses electronic/s for health reasons are not allowed to go inside the containment zone. Once the effects of the object is not needed anymore, the subject who is infected must be tranquilized and must be operated to separate the object from the blood to uninfect the subject and to recontain the object on it’s proper containment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an object shaped as a Cadet blue 2 5cmx5cmx5cm cube with no friction at all with a smooth texture with curved edges and corners, it constantly changes from solid to liquid and vice versa every hour. If made a subject is to make physical contact with it while on its solid form, the object would teleport on the subject’s left ventricle on its liquid form which starts the infection. After 1 hour 50% of the blood would become infected, the skin becomes 50% darker, all the veins shall appear blue, immune system failure, right kidney failure and both Asthma and blurry vision for 30 minutes after 1 hour has passed. After 2 hours 100% of the blood is infected giving the subject supernatural abilities, the entity can somehow get into the source of electricity. Once the entity is in the source it claims to be in a room with black walls,floors and roof. They claim to see the exact same source in the exact same state in front of them, the thing the source is giving power to beside the source if it is an electronic and a door behind them. Here they can control the electronic or tamper with the source, when they go through the door they appear right by the source. When they get in and out small line of lighting connects from where the person was to the source or the source to right by it. They can be forced out of the source if the electricity has been cut, they claim that when the electricity of the source is cut a large amount of water out of nowhere fills the room pushing the entity out of the room.

Addendum XXXX-1:
During Dr. A██████’s test the subject who has been infected was able to enter the apple watch of Dr. A██████ and caused an explosion burning the doctor’s wrist and breaking the watch completely. The subject was terminated after forced out of the watch to prevent a breach while the doctor was █████ █’██ after the burn was healed as punishment.

Testing Log SCP-XXXX-A:
Date: 5/12/1█
Procedure: The subject must carry a device that supports its health. The subject will then make physical contact with the object and will get infected. The subject will then try to get into the device that supports its health, after that the subject would leave and report after 5 minutes.
Outcome: The subject did not leave the device for 6 minutes and 30 seconds. When the device’s power cut the subject’s body went beside the device laying dead.
Result: The subject didn't bring the device when transferring into the device meaning that the device couldn't support the subject’s health and they ended up dying because of that.