Researcher Craig
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SCP-XXXX before recovery from SCP-XXXX/t-1's back yard

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures(A): SCP-XXXX is to be kept in an opaque, tear-resistant bag in a padded case in a secured safe. The case is to contain two (2) pressure sensors to detect any movement or disappearance of SCP-XXXX. Both case and safe should have no viewing ports. The secure containment of SCP-XXXX depends solely on preventing visual observation by living creatures.

If SCP-XXXX is observed, Object Class is downgraded to Euclid and Special Containment Procedures(B) are used for containment. Creatures that saw SCP-XXXX are classified as SCP-XXXX/t subjects.

Pictures or video of SCP-XXXX are not to be observed if this allows knowledge of the current status or location of SCP-XXXX, as this counts as observing SCP-XXXX. Any personnel that view SCP-XXXX media must afterwards be tested on whether they have become SCP-XXXX/t subjects, in which case Special Containment Procedures(B) are initiated.

Research personel that wish to research SCP-XXXX should keep in mind the costs and risk of Special Containment Procedures(B) and place their research as close to a lunar eclipse as possible. All D-class personel used in testing should be nonviolent, without military training and of below average physique to avoid an XT-class Running Man scenario.

Special Containment Procedures(B):

Secure: Blind D-class personel is used to secure SCP-XXXX in an opaque, tear-resistant bag, which in turn is placed in a padded case. Innately blind personel are preferred, but the use an opaque hood is an acceptable substitute. Personel used in the containment are to be tested on whether they have become SCP-XXXX/t subjects.

All SCP-XXXX/t subjects are to be detained and permanently anaesthetised.

Contain: SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX/t subjects are to be placed in a containment cell together. If practical, this containment cell should be located at the SCP site which will within the shortest amount of time experience a lunar eclipse.

SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX/t subjects should be transported and stored together to minimise the chance of a catastrophic containment breach.

All personel at a site where SCP-XXXX-Euclid is stored should read the entirety of this file to minimise the chance of a catastrophic containment breach

Neutralize: One hour before the lunar eclipse the anaesthetics should be checked to ensure that the SCP-XXXX/t subjects will be unconscious for the duration of the event. Then the containment cell should be evacuated and all surveillance cut.

One hour after the lunar eclipse, Special Containment Procedures(B) are repeated from the start with the securing of SCP-XXXX.

If SCP-XXXX is at this point already secured in its case, personel is to ascertain whether SCP-XXXX is also secured in its bag. This is first ascertained by touch, and if this test seems positive; by sight. If sight test confirms that the bag is secure the personel involved is to be tested on whether they have become SCP-XXXX/t subjects.

If SCP-XXXX is secure and no SCP-XXXX/t subjects remain the SCP-XXXX Object Class is upgraded to Safe and Special Containment Procedures(A) are reinstated.

Protect: In the case of an on-site uncontrolled event, the site is to be quarantined until all local sentients have been tested for SCP-XXXX/t status and if necessary contained. If it is not possible to positively affirm status of all local sentients, the site is to remain quarantined until the next local lunar eclipse, at which point the necessity of quarantine status will be reevaluated.

If an uncontrolled event results in off-site exposure, a suitable emergency must be declared as cover story, and all areas in which SCP-XXXX was active, and all territory between such areas in which SCP-XXXX might have travelled, must be quarantined. Such a zone will be designated SCP-XXXX/z. If possible, the foundation should then ascertain the status of all creatures that might have been able to view SCP-XXXX, and detain them according to Special Containment Procedure(B). Efforts should be made to prevent unidentified SCP-XXXX/t subjects from leaving the compromised zone. If all subjects can be positively identified, the quarantine can be lifted, though the zone should still be surveilled on the next full moon. If the zone is large enough that all subjects can not be positively identified, inhabitants of the zone should remain in quarantine, until they experience a lunar eclipse without an SCP-XXXX incident.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a statuette with the appearance of a Glochstein Keramik series 8-d garden gnome. The weight and feel of SCP-XXXX approximates worn, painted ceramic, but chemical and spectrographic analysis has revealed that it is made from an unknown, possibly biological, compound. The "paint" appears to be a variant of the same compound fused to the general structure, rather than a distinct substance applied to the statuette's surface.


SCP-XXXX was first uncovered in ██/██/████ when the foundation was made aware of ████ █████████ (hereafter designated SCP-XXXX/t-1) by embedded personel at the █████████ hospital. SCP-XXXX/t-1 had attacked people at a local store with a firearm, and once local law enforcement arrived had engaged in a prolonged firefight, before being incapacitated by a shot to the head. At the hospital SCP-XXXX/t-1 was determined to still be alive, despite the head wound which should have been immediately fatal. Foundation personel arrived on the scene, and transported SCP-XXXX/t-1 to a Foundation medical facility. All involved civilians were administered Class C amnesiacs.

In foundation care, it was determined that in addition to the head wound, SCP-XXXX/t-1 suffered from extensive, widespread cancerous growths. Cancerous material filled much of his abdominal cavity, and had migrated to several other parts of the body, including the brain where more growths had caused significant pressure on the brain, resulting in cell death and deformation of the brain tissue. According to estimates by Doctor █████ and Doctor ███████ the cancer would have been fatal to SCP-XXXX/t-1 several years before the cancer would reach its current state.

Simultaneous investigations on site had revealed SCP-XXXX/t-1 as a loner who lived in a cabin in the mountains above the local town. During routine investigation of SCP-XXXX/t-1's property, anomalous Hume levels drew attention to SCP-XXXX, which was transported to Site-██ for testing.

Testing found that SCP-XXXX had life preserving powers. Anyone that had seen SCP-XXXX were protected against death. Testing on SCP-XXXX/t-1 and D-class personnel established the strict limits of this power. SCP-XXXX provided no protection against pain, did not allow anomalous control of body parts that had been damaged or separated, or grant any protection to brain function when the brain was damaged. It was determined that parts of SCP-XXXX/t subjects remained alive when separated from the subject. SCP-XXXX's life-preserving powers and associated effects will hereafter be referred to as SCP-XXXX's secondary powers.

At this point in time the SCP-XXXX/t subjects consisted of the six members of the investigation team that had examined SCP-XXXX/t-1's property, four Foundation logistics personnel that had handled SCP-XXXX during its transport to and inside Site-██, seven personnel that had viewed SCP-XXXX during its transport through Site-██, five original members of the research team responsible for SCP-XXXX, and twelve D-class personnel. Thirty-four (34) SCP-XXXX/t subjects were isolated with SCP-XXXX's secondary powers became apparent, to isolate any unknown side effects. SCP-XXXX/t-254 was unaccounted for, as she had only glimpsed SCP-XXXX during its transport. Neither she, nor Site-██ was aware that she was a SCP-XXXX/t subject. SCP-XXXX/t-254 would have been SCP-XXXX/t-13, but her SCP-XXXX/t status was not discovered until the second incident.

Five months after the acquisition of SCP-XXXX, Site-██ suffered [REDACTED] Task Force Gamma-5 was forced into the SCP-XXXX containment area. In the ensuing fighting [REDACTED]. It is unlikely that the incident could have been contained, if the MTF Gamma-5 had not been exposed to SCP-XXXX, as the entire team suffered wounds that would have been otherwise fatal or debilitating.

Twenty-two (22) of the original SCP-XXXX/t subjects were put under permanent anaesthetics along with two (2) members of MTF Gamma-5, as their injuries precluded meaningful existence. The remaining MTF Gamma-5 members were quarantined alongside the original SCP-XXXX/t subjects.

A proposal to intentionally expose certain security personnel and task forces to SCP-XXXX to increase personnel efficiency and survival rate was proposed, and started processing.

Eight months after acquisition of SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX/t-254 was transferred to Site-███ to assist with light spectrum analysis in project ████████████.

Thirteen months after acquisition of SCP-XXXX, testing had revealed no negative side effects of its SCP-XXXX's secondary powers. The quarantine of SCP-XXXX/t subjects was lifted, though they were still prohibited from leaving Site-██.

Eighteen months after acquisition of SCP-XXXX, permission was given to start a trial program of exposing personnel to SCP-XXXX. MTF Nu-15 was selected as the first test case, given their mission to [REDACTED], which both consisted an extremely dangerous task, and an area with limited exposure to the public. MTF Nu-15 completed their mission flawlessly, with eight members avoiding death thanks to the secondary powers of SCP-XXXX. The nature of the injuries allowed them to heal, afterwards, resulting in only two member having to leave the team due to reduced combat efficiency. Shortly afterwards MTF Gamma-5 was recruited back to full strength, and their quarantine lifted. New members of MTF Gamma-5 and MTF Nu-15 were also exposed to SCP-XXXX.

This brought the number of SCP-XXXX/t subjects to seventy-three (73), of which twenty-three (23) were in permanent storage under anaesthetics due to life-debilitating injuries.

Twenty-one months after acquisition of SCP-XXXX, MTF Iota-4 is also exposed to SCP-XXXX, bringing the number of SCP-XXXX/t subjects to eighty-six (86).

Twenty-five months after acquisition of SCP-XXXX. First incident. MTF Nu-15 is in ████ to stop a ritual sacrifice to be performed during a lunar eclipse, connected to [REDACTED]. Contact is lost with the team when the eclipse starts. MTF ███████ is sent to investigate. They find MTF Nu-15 dead, exhibiting slashing and blunt trauma wounds. Most of the ███████ are dead as well, through three (3) known member of ███████ were missing. Members of MTF ███████ are diverted as calls to law enforcement are registered from a nearby village.

The investigating members find eleven dead civilians with matching wounds. More Foundation forces are called in, and the site is quarantined. Interviews of villagers find that some of them experienced the killings, describing the perpetrator as a muki, a traditional Peruvian mountain spirit. During a subsequent combing of the area SCP-XXXX is found in a forested area between the village and the ritual site. After checking, the research team confirms that SCP-XXXX has disappeared from its case. SCP-XXXX is quickly covered up, leaving the amount of Foundation personnel exposed to the three (3) personnel that searched the forest. Interviews of the villagers reveal another seventeen (17) exposed subjects.

This sets the number of living SCP-XXXX/t subjects to seventy-nine (79). Assuming that all dead ███████ members and civilians were exposed as well, the number of dead SCP-XXXX/t subjects amounts to fifty-three (53).

Quarantine is immediately reinstated on all known and suspected SCP-XXXX/t subjects. However, the three ███████ members are not found. Site-543t is established at the site of the first incident to gather all known and suspected subjects and SCP-XXXX itself in the same place. The SCP-XXXX devise a blood-test that allows confirmation of SCP-XXXX/t status through analysis of cell death. Testing of the population of Site-543t allows a sure way to isolate those that has been exposed, and those that have not, though the quarantine is maintained for the entire population at the site.

██/██/████: Another lunar eclipse passes over Site-543t. In preparation the non-exposed population has been isolated. MTF members and fire-arms proficient SCP-XXXX/t's have been given access to defensive weaponry. The entire site is wired to record the event. All SCP-XXXX/t at the site are killed, but SCP-XXXX seems entirely uninterested in the non-exposed population. Upon death of all SCP-XXXX/t, SCP-XXXX reverts to its static form. Subsequent testing reveals that all that view the footage become SCP-XXXX/t.

This leaves the number of living SCP-XXXX/t subjects to four (4) (including SCP-XXXX/t-254). And dead SCP-XXXX/t subjects amounts to one-hundred thirty-one (131).

SCP-XXXX/t-132, t-133, and t-134 become the new SCP-XXXX research team. It is decided to transfer SCP-XXXX and the team between Foundation sites to avoid the lunar eclipse.

██/██/████, second incident: A lunar eclipse occurs over Site-███ where SCP-XXXX/t-254 is located. Pressure sensors indicate that SCP-XXXX has disappeared from its case, just as reports start coming in from Site-███ and the surrounding town of ████████. First the town is quarantined in place, but when it becomes apparent that SCP-████ and SCP-████ has escaped, the town is evacuated. Once the situation has been contained, SCP-XXXX is found in clear view, placed as a decoration in one of the school tents of the evacuation site. The process begins to separate SCP-XXXX/t subjects from those that have not been exposed. Class A amnesiacs are administered to the population that has not been exposed.

The evacuation site is established as Site-547t. Class C amnesiacs are supplied to SCP-XXXX/t subjects upon request.

This leaves the number of living SCP-XXXX/t subjects to three-hundred sixty-eight (368) (including SCP-XXXX/t-254). And dead SCP-XXXX/t subjects amounts to five-hundred forty-three (543).

██/██/████: After deliberation with the Ethics Committee, it is determined that the risk of Site-547t containment failure, as well as the decreased quality of life for SCP-XXXX/t subjects warrants a deliberate triggering of The SCP-XXXX.

The SCP-XXXX/t subjects of Site-547t are moved to █████████, ███████ in the path of a coming lunar eclipse and administered anaesthetics. Unwilling to risk splitting up SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX/t subjects, SCP-XXXX/t-132, t-133, and t-134 volunteer to remain on site during the eclipse. They are supplied with defensive weaponry.

Following the lunar eclipse the number of living SCP-XXXX/t subjects has been reduced to zero (0). And dead SCP-XXXX/t subjects amounts to five-hundred forty-three (911). The three ███████ members are still considered potentials, and every effort should be made to find and detain them.

██/██/████: During transportation to move SCP-XXXX out of the way of a lunar eclipse, a containment failure occurs, and two Foundation personnel and a civilian law enforcement officer are exposed. Special Containment Procedures(B) is executed. Special Containment Procedures(A) is revised to keep SCP-XXXX in place, as there is no evidence that this has negative effects when no SCP-XXXX/t subjects exist.