Researcher Karma; SCP concept?

So, I'm new to this site, (but not the fandom overall) and I've been thinking of creating an SCP. I want to know if my concept is at least (semi) original? It's nickname will be 'it laughs.' It is a humanoid creature with no facial features and pitch black skin. it has many mouths all over it's body, except for (what could be considered) as it's 'face,' it also has gems around it's neck and it's hands.

It doesn't speak like a human, instead it speaks through various sounds of laughter. When these sounds are heard through something like a radio, speaking can be heard, so that's what they use for interviews. It was found when the foundation discovered it wandering the forest. This may change, but I don't know really. That's the part I need help with.

Hopefully this is original!