Researcher Mikk
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SCP-XXXX upon recovery, notice the blank keypad

Item #: SCP-XXXX (Dream Vending Machine)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be locked up in a 50x50 metre containment cell. The walls are to be made of concrete and the door locked up at all times. This machine is completely safe. If a Class-D touches SCP-XXXX, they are to be terminated immediately with no exceptions. If it is touched, the MTF shall engage Code-XXXX, in which the Machine is to be watched for 24 hours. If nothing comes out of the Machine that is to be deemed dangerous, the usual routine is to be continued.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a brandless cold drinks vending machine. The machine has no buttons and no power source. It has a large blue banner and blue writing which displays the writing "COLD drinks." It has no apparent anomality apart from the buttonless keypad.

Its true anomality comes when somebody touches the blank keypad. After touching it, the person enters a deep coma. The coma varies in length from just a minute to an entire hour. When the coma is active, the person will experience a "lucid dream" where the person will be able to control their dream fully. After the coma wears off, the person will awaken and feel completely refreshed.

After the dream, the vending machine will dispense a drink that is connected to the dream. For example, if the person saw a metal rod in the dream, the machine will dispense a metal rod in a can. But it can be dangerous too. If the person saw hydrochloric acid in the dream, the machine will dispense hydrochloric acid in a can.

It is unknown how the items fit in the cans (now labeled as SCP-XXXX-1 due to their partly anomalous properties.)

This SCP is similar to two other SCPs, SCP-261 and SCP-294. We are researching possible connections between these three.

Addendum: See interview XXXX-A


Interviewed: D-XXXX-42

Interviewer: Researcher ████

Foreword: This interview was held after incident XXXX-Alpha

<Begin Log, 7:52>

Interviewer: This is a normal interview, nothing to be afraid of. Now, I'm going to ask you again, what happened in that dream?

Interviewee: I… don't want to talk about it.

Interviewer: █████, I assure you, this recording will only be shown to our staff, now tell me what happened. You can trust me.

Interviewee: Fine… well, after I fell asleep I instantly appeared in at house, in Kansas…

Interviewer: Go on.

Interviewee: I knew about this SCP. I knew it was a lucid dream, but for some reason, I could not control it. I felt like my power over everything had gone. It was horrifying, trapped in a lucid dream, unable to leave.

Interviewer: And when did you meet it?

Interviewee: After I entered the house, I saw a creature on the table.

Interviewer: What did the creature look like?

Interviewee: It was like a… slime creature? Anyways, I went to my bedroom. There I saw it, the man.

Interviewer: What man?

Interviewee: I don't know… he… it… seemed wrong to me.

Interviewer: What did that man look like?

Interviewee: <One minute of silence, after that the pupils of D-XXXX-42 had started to dilate and he started to convulse.>

Interviewer: Jesus christ, what is happening? Shut the log off! I think he's dying!

<End Log, 8:16>

Closing Statement: A paramedic was sent in for D-XXXX-42. He was already presumed deceased after the log ended. D-XXXX-42's brain had signs of severe head trauma. His head had signs of being hit with a hammer-like item. No signs of struggle so the hit must've happened during the interview. The only people in the interview room were Researcher ████ and D-XXXX-42.

Note: SCP currently pending to be reclassified as Euclid.