Researcher Mitchell
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Soundproofing techniques are rendered ineffective in drowning out the sounds from within the container. However, provided that the container is kept in a room with at least 3 meters of space between it and the walls (excluding the floor), personnel outside the room are able to reasonably ignore the sound. It is suggested that workers hum to themselves or sing to distract themselves from the noise. If humming or singing is not allowed for some reason, it is suggested the worker simply proceed from origin to destination as quickly as possible.

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the outward appearance of a rentable storage unitthat emits sounds of distress from within, mimicking sounds such as a sobbing child, or a whimpering dog. Opening the container will reveal that the inside of the storage container remains inexplicably dark, no matter the time of day or light shone into it. Lying in the center of the container is the source of the noise: SCP-XXXX-b. Upon making physical contact with the mass, the SCP-XXXX-b will rapidly change into a 1-meter wide sphere of extremely fine needles, piercing the skin and clothing of the subject making contact. SCP-XXXX-b will then move to pin themselves to their victim and to the nearest interior wall of SCP-XXXX. If the subject is unable to be freed at this point, SCP-XXXX will shut and lock its entrance. Sounds of stuggle are usually heard next, until the noise suddenly stops. SCP-XXXX's entrance will not open again until done manually. If said entrance is opened within the next few hours, the insides of the container will feel reportedly "like a thin layer of maple syrup," according to a member of D-class personnel. If one member of personnel makes continual contact with the SCP-XXXX without entering it, the noises coming from within will attempt mimicking the voices of other members of personnel. Further exposure will eventually result in the voice mimicking the voices of family members and loved ones. As such, SCP-XXXX is believed to have some degree of telekinetic ability, but its usefulness is yet to be researched.

SCP-xxxx was discovered in a suburban of ██████████, Texas in 2006. Local police reports listed the most recent renter of the unit as missing. Upon police investigation Officer ██████████ witnessed the activity of SCP XXXX-b as it attacked his partner. The Foundation was dispatched to collect the container, where they transported it to the █████ site in ██████████, Arizona.

Addendum: It is still unknown if SCP-XXXX-b can leave the the storage unit as it has not shown any attempts to do so, even upon the withholding of "food."

Despite the many reports that SCP-xxxx can mimic human speech, it does not seem capable of holding a conversation, it will simply ask for help as if it were in peril -Dr. ██████████, 2010