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Item #: SCP-3342

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Field Agents are to be stationed within the woodland area surrounding the town of Kepler WV, in the United States. All Agents are to be disguised as local Park Rangers at all times while on duty. Teams of Field Agents will be rotated out at the start of each month.

SCP-3342 is free to travel within the wooded areas, but is not to come into contact with any humans. If SCP-3342 is seen within 304.8 meters of any occupied camp sites, Field Agents are to move in and advise any people to leave. Misinformation of “Bear Attacks” seems to work the best.

The Foundation is currently in the process of making “PSA” style ads using the likeness of SCP-3342 as a way to take attention off of the real SCP-3342. Any reports of SCP-3342, outside of Foundation personnel, are to be reported to media and/or local authorities as “An actor in a suit”.

SCP-3342 appears to be an anthropomorphic member of the Ursus Arctos family, commonly known as a grizzly bear. SCP-3342 stands at approximately 2.13 meters tall, and weighs approximately 227 kg.

Unlike normal bears, SCP – 3342 stands and walks on two legs and shares posture with that of normal humanoids.

SCP – 3342 has shown the ability to understand and speak English.

SCP – 3342 has been reported as wearing blue jeans, a belt with a metal buckle reading “SMOKEY”, a Forest Ranger’s hat also reading “SMOKEY”, and carrying a large shovel.

SCP – 3342 seems to be attracted to any kind of flame, and will do whatever possible to reach said flame and extinguish it.

SCP – 3342 is sometimes misidentified as SCP-1000, but all reports of SCP-1000 in area have turned out to be a local man in what appears to be a “Chewbacca” costume.

SCP – 3342 has not shown any signs of being hostile to any life forms, and seems to want to protect the wooded area and , by its own words, “Prevent forest fires”.