SCP-████ - Young Menace


Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-████ is to be contained in a 10m x 10m x 10m padded humanoid containment unit with 24m thick walls of concrete. Maintenance of containment unit should be within a 12 hour time frame if there are any signs of alterations in the walls such as cracks, dents, rust, or disfiguring in the structure of the containment unit. SCP-████ should be monitored 24 hours, via hidden camera and audio wire, 1 kilometer from containment unit located in Site-██. All personnel, including D-Class, should keep a minimum of 15 meter distance from SCP-████ at all times. In the case that any personnel come within the specified perimeter with out specialized equipment, they are to be taken to Site-██for testing and physiological analysis, then to be terminated afterwards. If in any case that SCP-████ becomes hostile, Site-██ shall go under lock-down and initiate all procedures to calm or render SCP-████ unconscious. Under any circumstances, no personnel should have any verbal communication with SCP-████, indicated from incident ████-13-J.

SCP-████ is a Caucasian male with black hair and blue eyes, seeming to be with in 16-19 years of age. Other than a scar across the abdomen, there are no distinguishable physical features that can signify difference from a normal teenager. Origin of SCP-████ is unknown for it refuses to disclose that information. SCP-████ has been confirmed to have a telekinetic abilities. SCP-████ is able to move and lift object accordingly to his own instruction. Telepathy is another ability that SCP-████ is acquired with, in so, he can instruct other organisms with smaller brain size and make them do simple tasks. See Addendum ████-2B. SCP-████ is seemingly passive, but can be quickly agitated and aggressive if not approached in a formal manner, then slowly addressing it casually.

Addendum ████-1: Discovery

SCP-████ was discovered in █████, New York. SCP-████ was attempting to negotiate with a criminal committing a robbery, hoping in attempt to prevent any casualties. SCP-████ used his abilities to remove the weapon from the criminal, in doing so, the criminal pulled the trigger and shot SCP-████'s right upper arm. Afterwards, the robber was arrested and SCP-████ was transferred to a nearby hospital. The day after SCP-████'s wounds were tended to, Agent █████ was sent to put SCP-████ into custody. SCP-████ quickly resisted saying that he had to find someone. After Agent █████ explained the reasons of his containment in the matter of safety, SCP-████ willingly accepted the arrest. The entity that SCP-████ was trying to locate is still unknown.

The following interview was conducted by Dr. Yin, two days after the initial arrest.

Interviewer: Dr. Yin
Interviewee: SCP-████

[Begin Log]

Dr. Yin: Hello

SCP-████: (impersonating Bugs Bunny) Hey what's up doc?

Dr. Yin: Exuse me?

SCP-████: (In normal voice) Really? Have you never seen any cartoons as a kid?

Dr. Yin: I suppose I did, but not the one you are trying to illustrate, sorry.

SCP-████: It's alright. So aren't we gonna introduce ourselves? I know I'm very young, but I do have some manners.

Dr. Yin: Ah, yes. (clears throat) I am Doctor Yin and you?

SCP-████: (stays silent for a few seconds)

Dr. Yin: Can you please state your name.

SCP-████: It's not real.

Dr. Yin: What?

SCP-████: Your name. It's not yours.

Dr. Yin: I beg your pardon?

SCP-████: (leans back in his seat) It's not your given name since you were married ten years ago, hence the ring mark on your left hand.

Dr. Yin: (covers her hand)

SCP-████: Of course, there would be no reason for you not to wear it, especially in the work place, so there is the possibility that you became divorced about um… two years ago. Am I wrong?

Dr. Yin: (Stays silent for 4 seconds) Three years.

SCP-████: I was close.

Dr. Yin: Yes. Very.

SCP-████: Do you mind if I call you Dr. ████████?

Dr. Yin: (Stands up quickly) Yes! Yes I do mind.

SCP-████: I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to offend you.

Dr. Yin: (Breathing Heavily) It's fine.

SCP-████: How about we take a day to cool off and we continue this later. Is that alright?

Dr. Yin: Yes. Very well deduced.

SCP-████: Okay, tomorrow it is then.

[End Log]

Note: In this interview, SCP-████ was not given any sort of information about the corporation or its employees. His perception skills are impressive, but very unnerving. There may be some sort of connection between his intelligence and his abilities.