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Item Number: SCP-XXXX

Item Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any instance of SCP-XXX-alpha in foundation captivity should be kept in a 2x2x2 meter concrete room with a ten centimeter thick reinforced steel door. At least four cameras are required at all times, and in the instance of one malfunctioning or damage to the cell being observed, three D-class personnel should be sent in to fix the damage or replace the camera. All D-class personnel sent in are required to wear full Kevlar or other bite-proof body armor, including a faceplate and gloves. At least one of the D-class should have a net gun, and at least one other with a pronged pole similar to a trident. These are used to restrain, not injure, the instance of SCP-XXX-Alpha, however if the restraints fail, the D-class are authorized to use leathal force against the instance of SCP-XXX-Alpha. NOTE: Only trauma to the head of the SCP-XXX-Alpha instance will result in termination. Any other damage will mearly injure, not kill the SCP-XXX-Alpha instance.

Any instance of SCP-XXX-Alpha in foundation cousdity is to be given no amenities, food, or water, as none is necessary. Under no circumstances is animal flesh of any kind to be given to an instance of SCP-XXX-Alpha. Any SCP-XXXX nest found, inside or outside of foundation areas, should immediately be destroyed via incineration.

Any SCP-XXXX-Beta instances, inside or outside of foundation sites should immediately be destroyed, preferably via incineration.

Due to the varied nature of SCP-XXX-Gamma instances, specified instructions for each in foundation captivity. See forms SCP-XXX-Gamma-C-1 through SCP-XXXX-Beta-C-().

Any instance of SCP-XXXX, be it Alpha, Beta, or Gamma, found outside of foundation coustidy should immediately be destroyed, excepting uncontested specific orders from at least one 05 council member. Mobile Task force 120 (Doom Guys) will be dispatched to any report of SCP-XXXX and search at least a () square kilometer perimeter around the location of the incident

Any human that receives a bite from any SCP-XXX instance that breaks the skin is to considered infected and will be moved to a class-() medical observation facility in compliance with protocol (). Once the individual succumbs to the effect of the infection of SCP-XXXX, they shall be considered a new instance of SCP-XXX-Alpha and contained appropriately.

These containment procedures were heavily strenghtened in the aftermath of the containment breach XXXX-10 on ()/()/2015. See incident report XXXX-B-10 for a complete description of the events of the containment breach.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the name given to the stages of an extremely contaigous disease cause by an parasite genetically similar to tapeworms, most notably the beef tapeworm (Taenia saginata). The infection is split into four distinct stages; Infection, SCP-XXXX-Alpha, SCP-XXXX-Beta, and SCP-XXXX-Gamma. These stages are colloqually reffered to as Infected, Zombies, Cocoons, and Demons respectively.

Infected: When an immature parasite enters the body of a human through the bite of an SCP-XXXX-Alpha, the spear of an SCP-XXXX-Beta, or any attack of an SCP-XXXX-Gamma that pierces the skin.

When the parasite enters the new host's body, it quickly migrates into the nearest bone. It then pierces and enters the bone, and, in a process that is recorded to be extremely painful, grows throughout the host's entire skeletal system. Unfortuantely, the nature of the infection prevents the victim from falling unconscious. Next, the parasite develops a small nueral control center, and that center moves up the spine, then enters and takes control of the host's brain. Once the parasite has control of the host's brain, that host is now considered an instance of SCP-XXX-Alpha.

The time taken for the host to fall under the control of the parasite is inconsistent, varying from a low of 25 seconds (recorded in ()) and a high of 4 days, 7 hours (recorded at facility ()). This inconsistency has led to orders to secure all infected and study them to detirmine the factors in the gestation period of SCP-XXXX.

The only known way to stop an infection of SCP-XXXX is amputation of affected areas. Locating these areas is quite easy, as the host can simply place the pain. However, such amputation is against policy and must be approved by at least two level 4 or above personnel. Amputation without permission is grounds for termination of both the surgeon and the patient.

SCP-XXXX-Alpha: Once the SCP-XXXX parasite reaches and takes control of the host's brain, the host is considered a new instance of SCP-XXX-ALPHA. As of now, no way of reversing this effect is known, however, research has made limited progress in tthat field, for more information read test log (). It is unknown if the infected individuals maintain conciousness and awareness throughout the stages of the infection.

Appearance: SCP-XXX-ALPHA instances, at first, still look identical to the host at the time of infection. However, within thirty seconds of SCP-XXXX gaining control of the host's brain, small pores form in the teeth of the SCP-XXXX-Alpha instance. The molars form larger, approximately 50 μm (.05 mm) in diameter, for the excretion of a spider silk like substance formed by a gland of the parasite in the host's jaws. The incisors and canine teeth form smaller, aproximately 10 μm (.01mm) holes for the transmission of SCP-XXXX larvea through bites. There are up to one hundred of these smaller holes on each tooth, making it likely for even a relatively small or shallow bite wound to transmit the SCP-XXXX infection.

When the infection reaches the SCP-XXXX-Alpha stage, all of the host's cells, except nuerons in the brain, die instantly by unknown means.

The new SCP-XXXX-Alpha will attempt to violently attack and kill and animal that it can find. Once the prey is dead, SCP-XXXX-Alpha instances will produce a watertight spider silk-like substance from the teeth and proceed to coat the deceased prey in a layer about 2 millimeters thick, creating a "nest". This coating is incredibly strong, and can resist impacts up to handgun fire. If the nest is pierced, the coat is capable of re-sealing. Chemicals within the silk will both preserve the flesh within and liquify all but the bones. If two or more nests are in physical contact the surfaces will conjoin, making one larger nest. SCP-XXXX-Alphas will move nests to dark, isolated areas to prevent discovery. If a nest is discovered, no person should come into contact with it. Nests are capable of trapping and slowly absorbing living organisms.

Physiological changes accompany the behavioral changes. In addition to changes to accommodate the production and usage of silk, the teeth become covered in microholes for the production and distribution of immature versions of the SCP-XXXX parasite. The parasite does not eat any of the prey that they kill, but rather is slowly absorbs the flest of the host, giving an appearance of rotting.. The parasite's extremities in the host's bone take over moving the SCP-XXXX-Alpha while the host's muscles do not expand or contract at all. The parasite's "muscles" are much stronger than the average human's, allowing them to preform actions such as: pick up a car weighing approximately 1500 kilograms, run at 30 mi/h, and punch through a cinder block wall. As the host is absorbed into the parasite the senses of sight, hearing, and scent, are replaced by electrostatic location, similar to sharks.

SCP-XXXX-Aplha instances only need one of the host's organs, the brain. Loss or damage to any other organ or extremity cannot kill an SCP-XXXX-Alpha instance, only damage to the host's brain can.