Ressurection Zero series [under going heavy editing]

Stood on a peeled petal balcony of a palace. Its unfolded lotusesqe structure waved from it's shimmering bloomed petals, still with the one under his soles. A high rolling ephemeral clouds of mist drifted afront of a Borealis in collaboration with the distant cosmic arms of stars in his eyes. His only single eye, as if he could drag out his guilt with a look.

Hand falling over his left empty socket…

then dipped down beside his hips, his shoulders slouched and relaxed. With a sigh, his body language returned to its calm composure, as he ushered himself back with steady steps back within the flower. phasing through the petal lurching just over the balcony of his


At site 42 hydraulic locked titanium shut door at site, approached a man clad in MTF armor walked within sights of an unyielding predatory gaze of a man. A predatory gaze traced that even usurped the red pungent gaze of rot hung in the air, While many like him were lying in contorted heaps of tattered limbs. Blood scattered in arcs on the walls behind and above the olive-skinned tattooed monster. The man entering eyes having to re-establish fortitude behind the visor of his helmet after a fleeting look of in composure.

Before finally facing the sitting caster.who was leaned with parted legs on a stool, lifting his blood-soaked wrists and hands dangled off his knees with his elbow.

"Yes?" Able said in an intoxicatingly sardonic tone waving out his hands as if any more time was vital.

"Do you remember me?" Connor asked in a monotonous voice.

"Do not know. do I?" Abel replied with more mocking sarcasm rubbing his chin with a held back smirk of absent emotion. With this answer, Connor removed his helmet. Bringing Connors' blank autonomous stare into view. Abel sarcasm faded into a surge of bittersweet excitement.

"You were… a missionary before that blast? But how?" he squinted.

Connor answered " Yes," he nodded." I did indeed die. However, I was offered within participation of a program. The supreme commander of the advancements red right hands' regiment outfitted me with a new cybernetic shell."

Abel furrowed his brow snapping out of what could be boredom in exchange for disinterest then undulating in a fresh tone of disgust, "Oh… "

Able deadpanned "That must make you feel so special. As If no metal I could not force apart from within my grasps. Congratulations, you're now more of a doormat of meat!!!"

Connor noted his reaction," Have I irritated you?".

Abel relaxed "whether I die or not as your superiors intend does not waver my-" Abel said in internal denial, cocking his head to the side, then nodding down…

" Besides you may have the same bodies… but at least one of you… is much less selfish. With that said, I'll give you 5 seconds before I decapitate you. So, please wait, and thrill me." Able challenged smiling in a distant glint of sadistic pleasure.

This was Connors cue to leave. Picking up his feet with urgency. The sliding door hissing in it's hydraulics shut after the sight of an armed Alpha 1 agent behind. Abels' head nodded in. His eyes reluctantly drifting closed then forcing them open with a jerk of the lids.

Connor left the sliding door and precautionary corridor behind him. He pulled up his visor.

" …and that was up for?" She said through her respirator her light green eyes approaching from her prior lean on the wall. She spread a friendly groove into her smile as she folded her arms. Having her silver hair up in a suspended straight white ponytail that layed on her shoulder without objection in one audited piece. A lily brooch was stuck between her golden hair clip. On her back a leather guitar case stamped with Alpha 1.

"076-2 could not identify me." Connor replied monotonously to the girls' concern.

"Hey c'mon," groaned and whined Lily wearily. "I'm in the same boat as you, you know?"

"yes, but your enhancements are not finite modifications.I, on the other hand, am much more-"

"oh yeah that was your whole body… guess I'm lucky." she interrupted having anticipated the rest of his response.

"Well, He'll be out of our hair soon. Here's to hoping they launch him and that cube into space."

"Calling a documented item as it is a unprofessional conduct.'' Replied Connor.

"Ugh yeah, whatever I'm not playing the pronoun game at work too. Speaking of work you've said your goodbyes right?— lets head back to the site. Cool was chill enough to give us this clearance in the first place." said Lily.

"I don't want Keter on my ass, he was chill enough to let us come here."

"Referring to Keter as chill is an illogical superintendence," replied Connor

"You know what, that counts as a joke, I'll laugh later." Lily passed Connor, starting down the hall. Connor following turning after.

Within the previous heavily guarded containment room, Abel continued to sit. His lids finally shutting with a downward gaze. Then suddenly the canvas was influxed with red behind the closed lids was eaten away by a ravaging red tide. Abels expression jerked in shock as he now stood in a blank backdrop of crimson.


"Hello Abel…" a voice greeted from his respective rivaling plane of purple blending with seamlessly like watercolors forcibly against Abels own red back drop.

Abel looked forward. He expressed a convey of familiarity in his tone. "So, you got the call… it took you 9 years?"

"And you locked your Adjuster. You shouldn't have struck it with such force. What a feckless manner of conduction Abel, really." told the one-eyed man. Able hesitated eyes growing wide in ephemeral familiar sight.

"It took some preparation. Are you insisting a more refined personal

"There own toys may wound even the current of a fighter in this world. That thing was also to split like a regular log." Abel argued rolling and ticking his eyes in denial.

"As I witnessed, I'm only evaluating your blades shiftless entry. Anyway, it's time to go your due for a play date."

"THAT?" Abels lenses shuttered in anticipated revulsion.

"Yes, you're both far too stubborn. How long since the subjugation of your progenitor? And you two…"

Abel side glanced in consideration. He knew this was coming.

' this is how he always was'

" I will not negotiate. Take me then." Abel decided seriously.

The androgynous figurehead he lifted his arm smiling serenely and snapped his finger. Both individuals fogged from sight.

There were no triggered sensors only an alarm sent blaring. The monitoring staff in a separate space lept out of chairs another watched a TV turn static.

"DAMN!!! 076-2 has breached containment!!"

"Notify and alert the site overseer!!"

Researchers and MTF mobilized. lily and Connor were stopped in their exit by the announcement and abrupt commotion.



At site 17 Cain digested the contents of a report on the enacted termination trials of SCP 076-2, and Scp 076-1.

Cain read under the light of a single desk lamp in, otherwise darkness. His head rested on a suspended elbow. Hand pinching rubbing his brow as Cains look of pure apologetic secret distress wincing lightly after in frustration. His prosthetic cyber limbs not in the desk lamps line of sight gave a blue streaming glow through the indented patterns.


"CAIN…." Called out someone everywhere.

Cain was lifted from his hand looking around, leaning back in his chair griping its arms in startled apprehension.''Who is there?" Cain questioned on edge.

"Reveal your self and intentions!" Stood Cain with a serious and stern look sprouted on his tan face.

"Oi! Oi! Calm down!" the voice from the one-eyed man manifested yet again from nowhere yet all around once more.

"I am definitely not in the position to throw hands with you right now," He said sternly as if reprimanding a child.

"It's me so relax."

"Oh, Lord Azra…?"Cain squinted in uncertainty, dropping back in his chair."I apologize, there is a delay for me to analyze and identify speech patterns…"

"Outdated?" asked the voice.

"No, just emotionally… and mentally preoccupied."

Cain answered forehead sinking remorsefully into his suspended clutch.

"Ah, yes they want to kill Abel. Do you feel guilty?" Counseled the voice.

"I am not sure—apart of me wants him to adhere to the consequences of his own actions. while the other… "

"Are you sure that's what it is?" the voice said as trying to discern any trace of dishonesty.

"Yes, it's as you just put, it is guilt," Confided Cain

"Speaking of guilt, I let Abel puncture the Bloom, now his skills are tied. Though, that may help the others around him…"

"Why didn't you? you could have finally of been gone from your curse… Guilt again?" asked the voice softly.

"I know you have him over there…" Cain sighed after validating an inner assumption.

"And if he wants to play the older sibling again let him."

"The fuck is that supposed to mean?"

Cain sighed and bowed his head,"I would have no idea…"

"After 10,000 years I expected this issue to be resolved. I held hope yet you two haven't even made a single attempt at interacting outside of your mission. HE may have allowed you two to grow apart for his own gain, not me. If you two continue you'll be doing exactly what he wanted. Asides from that, I do not feel confident with beginning with this state of affair still in display." explained the voice.

"Do you not see where I am?"Cains arms opened half way "What do you think -"

"Oh! what do I think?! Did you see where you two were? your ass sitting in a recycle box in an alley and your brothers' narcissistic entitled ass in an even bigger box being pampered and groomed by some Daevite Thralls."

The voice sternly grasping tone suddenly boomed. Cains reluctant composure was destroyed.

"I will gladly face the music or dance to any tune these individuals are willing to play. Besides, I have all intentions of returning you two."

The voice promised and reassured. Cain still with hidden uncertainty lingering stood once more."They will capture you. If this succeeds we- no you will have to explain everything…"

"How?!! I'm in the middle of everywhere and nowhere!" snapped the man with one eye.

"I will be fine. Everyone's place can't be planned every moment or it will eventually lead to them being cemented by there own foresight. Cain please, I- "

Cain raised his head,"Very well, after all, you did promise. I would like to help you uphold your vow." he said content.

"The promise aside; are you ready?"

"Yes, I trust you." he nodded down his chin, "let us go"

Cain was instantly dispersed within a dense burst of pastel holographic white smoke and fog which condensed into a white note. The message on the other side was written in a fragile, flowing hand.

'out of order'