A photograph of SCP-xxxx on the ribs of Dr. Alence (SCP-xxxx stated that it was "posing for the camera")

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any personnel [is that the right word? literally just anyone in the building] who becomes the host [don't like that word - the scp isn't parasitic, it's just there] for SCP-xxxx is to be monitored at all times by a security officer the hosts themselves. It most often appears on personnel's hands or the backs of their necks, but it has frequently hidden underneath clothing. Any personnel who became hosts are to be interviewed about the experience once SCP-xxxx migrates to another host. If SCP-xxxx stays with a host for a prolonged period of time, said host is to be interviewed on a weekly basis until it migrates. In the event that SCP-xxx cannot be found, any and all personnel who were within a 10 (ten) centimeter distance of the host are to be immediately isolated and subjected to a physical examination; this will continue with any other personnel in the vicinity until it has been located. [considering it's harmless, this might be too much, but doing nothing definitely isn't right…]

Description: SCP-xxxx is a tattoo depicting a cloaked figure with a buckled top hat and a gnarled cane. It is capable of full conversation and has demonstrated [some phrase for saying it's at human intelligence]. It has demonstrated full knowledge of every language spoken to it, provided that the host is also capable of speaking the language. However, even after SCP-xxxx migrates to another host, it is still capable of speaking any language from its previous hosts.

[a brief-ish/non-exhaustive list of incidents and tests; those should probably be separated]:

  • During a meeting on adjusting the containment procedures for SCP-████, SCP-xxxx slowly moved from Dr. Schram's collar to his face while he was discussing potential risks. SCP-xxxx then proceeded to silently make rude gestures. Once it was pointed out, Dr. Schram walked out of the room. After a couple of minutes, Dr. Schram walked back in, with SCP-xxxx having migrated to a security officer walking outside. According Dr. Schram, he explained to SCP-xxxx the risks of interrupting such a meeting, and emphasized the potential danger to it itself. Since then, SCP-xxxx has not interrupted any other meetings.
    • However, it has been found to have been eavesdropping during other meetings, albeit without interrupting them. When asked why, it avoiding giving clear answers, the most common reply being that it was "just a bit curious".
  • [somehow made it to the office of an O5 council member, just to say "neat" while on the member and scuttle away (i'm imagining that it'll hide on their foot or some other out-of-the-way place)]
  • [making an incision onto the scp on a (sedated) d-class; scp doesn't feel anything]

[definitely include an interview; wondering if i should have the scp be 100% whimsical and avoidant throughout the entire interview, or if he'll try to scare the interviewer, maybe by revealing personal facts]

NOTE: Although it would be possible to completely isolate SCP-xxxx by locking it and its host in
a cell, as well as applying restrictions on a minimum distance from the host, there is no substantial justification for doing so. This also takes into consideration the needs of the host. However, this could be subject to change should SCP-xxxx's actions or its risk to its host become more dangerous.

[I'm toying with the idea of having the above note and the majority of the containment procedure get crossed out and replaced with something along the lines of "SCP-xxxx must be constrained to a D-Class and monitored at all times" after… some event. I'm thinking that he'll (somehow) find out a researcher's dark secret and drive them crazy with it until they attempt to inflict self-harm by chopping off the limb with the SCP on it. It's a darkly appealing idea, but it kinda strays away from my original intent of a mischievous, but harmless, prankster.]

[On a maybe-less dark note, I've also thought about the SCP being a sponge for information, absorbing not only languages, but all latent information from their hosts. …I don't have a purpose for this in mind yet, but I like the idea.]