Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: keep the paper in an enclosed room, do not put it in a box or folder.
If needed to be removed wear rubber gloves to pick it up, and do not look at the drawing on the paper.
If anyone encounters scp-xxxx-1 leave them in the original containment room for scp-xxxx

scp- is a piece of school notebook paper with a drawing of a creature on one side of it, and a bunch of names on the other side.

The creature seems to be made of candies like candy corn teeth, lickerish for a tongue, gob stopper eyes that are either swirled or speckled with a crack in one of them It looks serpentine in nature.

If made contact with scp-xxxx the living subject that touched it while looking at scp-xxxx directly will start seeing

if the recipient is scared and reacts to scp-xxxx-1 negatively by running away or screaming than the subject will most likely start receiving bite marks all over their body until they become a pile of bones.

If a subject reacts positively towards the scp then scp-xxxx-1 will create an edible piece of scp-xxxx-2 which is perfectly visible to unaffected eyes

If one tries to eat scp-xxxx-2 without permission by scp-xxxx-1 they will be able to see
scp-xxxx-1 and will receive the same effect as one who reacts negatively.