Item #: SCP - 3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be kept guarded at its current location by 2 armed guards which must be no further than 100 feet from SCP-3XXX at all times. Additionally, a 24 hour live security feed must be monitored remotely.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a RJ45 standard ethernet wall port attached to a 2x4 inch wall plate which is in turn firmly fused into a rock face at ██.████° N, ███.████° W. The port’s shape is consistent with the standard ethernet cables used in an average data network, however the number of pins, or the number of wires this port connects to, cannot be determined. The faceplate this port connects to appears to be made of ivory dated to ████, and is fussed with the rock, which has been dated to the same point in time.

Any attempt past the first to connect a modern day ethernet cable to the port is met with failure; although a physical connection can be made, no data can be accessed via a standard laptop computer. Attempts to determine the correct pinout or data sequence for a proper data connection result in inconsistent answers from personel attempting a connection; although some personal report that the port only contains 4 wires similar to an RJ11 phone jack, others claim the amount of wires to be uncountable, while others claim that there are no wires or pins at all. Efforts to determine if a psychological phenomenon is reliably occurring are met with negative results, although certain personal experience a great amount of emotional stress upon attempting to analyze SCP-3XXX.

Addendum 3XXX-3: A second investigation of SCP-3XXX was conducted following the process of the first with a new researcher. Upon connecting a new laptop to SCP-3XXX, no incidents occured. Following the test, the researcher reported feeling unnaturally stressed while the connection was made. However, they reported no images or data transmitted by SCP-3XXX. The researcher was not made aware of Incident 01-1 or Incident 01-1a prior to the testing. Following testing, the researcher was observed for a period of 4 months and was found to exhibit no unusual behavior.

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