Greetings I am Rin, I decided to take various ideas I had for SCP objects and record them here. I don't expect most of these to be published to the main site (some I feel need to be expanded though I am unsure how at this time). If you have any feedback please message me, I am open to alterations on my ideas.
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Item #: SCP-4612

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4621 is to be stored within a standard appliance containment room with no electrical outlets, and covered with a tarp. Records of which room SCP-4621 is in is restricted to on site Admin. All testing with SCP-4621 is to be done with D-Class personnel, under approval of 1 O5 member and the Ethics Committee. Visual monitoring must be done via remote cameras that do not view the screen of SCP-4621. Under no circumstances are staff who have heard the audio from SCP-4621 allowed in the same room as SCP-4621 for a minimum of 24 hours. Test subject is to plug in SCP-4621 with a kill switch designed to fully cut off power remotely. Testing room should be designed with gas intakes and soundproof padded walls, no security staff are to enter testing room until SCP-4621-1 is incapacitated and until 20 minutes have passed. SCP-4621-1 is to be contained with physical restraints for the remainder of testing which will consist of psychological screenings and interviews. Testing will last no longer then 30 days or when ended by site command or Ethics Committee at which point subject will be administered amnestics with termination used if amnestics fail to work. When opening and checking the inside of SCP-4621 all equipment must be inspected by security and no digital or electronic storage mediums are allowed and must be confiscated before personnel may open SCP-4621.

Description: SCP-4621 is an arcade cabinet about 1.8m x 0.6m x 0.8m featuring a control panel with a joystick, 2 buttons, 2 standard quarter sized coin slots, a single CRT monitor and a logo for Gamenessio. Cabinet features artwork with a space theme and the name Blasteroids on the light up marquee. Internal components appear consistent with standard arcade cabinets from the early 80's, with the exception of being able to store a charge for up to 20 minutes despite no obvious batteries or other electrical storage items. When powered on SCP-4621 plays like clone of █████████ however features color graphics and 32 bit sound. SCP-4621 accepts all forms of coin based currency so long as the value is equal to 1 US quarter, if the value is over 1 quarter SCP-4621 will roll it into the next credit. It is currently unknown how SCP-4621 identifies currency or how it has access to modern exchange rates. When a subject is exposed to the visuals of SCP-4621 the subject (henceforth known as SCP-4621-1) will become obsessed with playing SCP-4621. Audio produced by SCP-4621 does not produce the same memetic effect so long as the subject exposed does not enter within visual range of SCP-4621. Upon visual contact, regardless of if SCP-4621 has power, subject will be turned into an instance of SCP-4621-1 and attempt to play SCP-4621. Note tests have shown that viewing images or video of SCP-4621's cabinet does not produce an instance of SCP-4621-1. After a period of 24 hour subject will no longer be susceptible to the audio effect of SCP-4621. SCP-4621 can store a charge for 20 minutes after being cut off from power, if a subject enters visual range of the screen on SCP-4621, it will activate running out the power in seconds but will result in a new instance of SCP-4621-1 who will attempt to reactivate SCP-4621. Testing proposals to determine how SCP-4621 detects someone looking at it's screen are currently awaiting approval. While not physically altered SCP-4621-1 has slightly enhanced strength while reducing stamina and coordination, examples include allowing grip to be maintained longer and stronger, reduced sense of pain and near elimination of the feelings of thirst and hunger. If provided with currency SCP-4621-1 will continue to play the game until losing consciousness ether due to exhaustion, malnutrition or dehydration. Upon regaining consciousness SCP-4621-1 will attempt to resume playing SCP-4621. When devoid of currency will attempt to seek out more often becoming violent in their search. SCP-4621-1 will begin to deteriorate physically at a rate common to most humans, via malnutrition and dehydration along with exhaustion and potential injures sustained from continued attempts to gain access to SCP-4621.

SCP-4621 was discovered in 19██ at an arcade in ███████, ██████████ after customer assaulted other customers and murdered a staff member attempting to restrain him. [more plot coming]

Addendum 4621-A: A letter recovered with SCP-4621 documentation

Thank you for signing up for Gamenessio's prototype program, the game you have chosen to test for us is "Blasteroids". We ask as part of this trial run you attempt to log feedback from players as well as any issues you had with the system and send them all to us within a month. Gamnessio staff will come by once a week inspect the machine and will provide maintenance. -Gamenessio