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SCP-4000: History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake

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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: SCP-4000 is a collective designation for a number of related anti-memetic phenomena which are now believed to be related. The relationship between these phenomena was not fully understood until mid-21st century advances in antimemetics research and mnestic development, and previously occupied unrelated SCP object designations, but following the relevant RAISA resolution dated 17/8/2029, they have been unified under this designation. They include SCP-4000-Violet, an anomalous language (formerly SCP-███, classified Euclid); SCP-4000-Indigo, a European ethno-religious group (formerly SCP-████, classified as Euclid); SCP-4000-Magenta, an antimemetic phenomenon affecting a subset of the global population (formerly SCP-4000 proper, classified as Euclid); and SCP-4000-Orchid, a persistent side-effect attendant on the use of certain types of Class-X mnestics (formerly SCP-████-1, classified as Thaumiel). These anomalies are considered to be symptomatic of a larger anomalous phenomenon, suspected to be under the direct control of an unknown group or intelligent entity, affecting the global human noosphere, termed provisionally SCP-4000-Tyrian.

SCP-4000-Violet: SCP-4000-Violet is an Occitano-Romance language spoken as a minority language in certain areas of France, Spain, and to a much-reduced extent in the rest of Europe until the early 20th century. Linguistic analysis suggests it has absorbed numerous features from other Ibero-Romance and Gallo-Romance languages, as well as (more unusually) a high density of Greek and Uralic loanwords and morphemes.

When spoken fluently, SCP-4000-Violet is universally interpretable to most listeners at the moment of utterance; listeners will believe that SCP-4000-Violet speech is fluent and appropriately-accented speech in a language which they speak, usually the speech they associate with the predominant vernacular language used in the relevant social context. This excludes individuals who cannot speak any predominant local vernacular language, who will interpret SCP-4000-Violet speech as a series of sounds matching the phonological profile of a local vernacular language, but with no lexical meaning. SCP-4000 incorporates an antimemetic component which disguises these discrepancies and suppresses acknowledgement by the listener of the speaker’s apparent hypermultilingualism.
SCP-4000-Violet’s anomalous features are propagated through recordings, but not through writing; however, there is no record of a literary tradition in SCP-4000, many of its speakers were illiterate, and speakers appear to have had cultural aversions to writing the language down. SCP-4000-Violet’s effects can be obstructed or negated by language-processing issues, heavy editing of sound files, exposure to extremely brief, incoherent, or grammatically inaccurate statements, W-class mnestic use, or certain altered states of consciousness.

It is believed that SCP-4000-Violet developed its anomalous effects at some point in the 19th century for reasons believed to be related to the broader SCP-4000 phenomenon. Due to the extreme difficulty of propagating the language after this point, SCP-4000-Violet went into precipitous decline as living speakers died, unable to pass the language on to their children, who would inadvertently learn the local vernacular language rather than SCP-4000-Violet from their parents. The last native speaker of SCP-4000, █████ ████████, died in Foundation custody in 1936 at the age of 104.1

Addendum Violet-1: In light of the impending neutralisation of SCP-4000-Violet, the Foundation made efforts to record as much of the language in both writing and recording as possible before the language became extinct. While this project was initially undertaken for archival purposes, changing political circumstances in the late 20th-century, combined with SCP-4000-Violet’s clear utility in facilitating communication, particularly in interactions with entities speaking unknown or extinct languages, lead to the creation of Project PENITENT PSALTER, an intensive effort to reconstruct SCP-4000-Violet using this material.

While full recreation of the language was not achieved, PENINTENT PSALTER was successful in producing a functional French/Spanish/SCP-XXXX-Violet pidgin language, referred to in this document as SCP-4000-VX and in other documentation as Linguistic Asset PSVX, with a limited range of expression and simplified grammar, which retains SCP-4000-Violet’s effects to the extent that it is universally interpretable, although it is frequently viewed by listeners as using non-standard grammar and pronunciation.

SCP-4000-VX was cleared for use in secure research scenarios from 12/03/2011, and for use in field situations from 30/11/2016. It was withdrawn from use unilaterally (barring certain exceptional secure use cases) on 23/10/2028 over concerns regarding unacceptable levels of semantic drift arising through its translation mechanism.

Addendum Violet-2: While it was initially believed that SCP-XXXX-Violet provided a reasonably direct and accurate translation of the speakers’ utterance in the source language into the target language of the listener. However, further investigation of the source recordings of SCP-XXXX-Violet speakers by researchers attempting to improve on SCP-4000-VX using new analysis techniques revealed that a wide variety of statements made by SCP-4000-Violet speakers during these recordings were substantially altered when interpreted by the listener.

Numerous Other Drafts

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An unrelated page (fol. 29r.) from MS Cotton Galba VI, the source manuscript of SCP-XXXX (SCP-XXXX appeared on fol. 26v. prior to its removal by the Foundation).

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All copies of SCP-XXXX must be contained at Site-08 in compliance with standard Tau-Level memetic/cognitohazard containment protocols. The original manuscript copy of SCP-XXXX must be stored according to Foundation historic manuscript preservation protocols. Outside of testing, access to SCP-XXXX is restricted to individuals who are illiterate in both Modern and Old English, and who have not been read into this file.

SCP-XXXX-affected individuals are held in medical humanoid containment with relevant care staff to support their needs. SCP-XXXX-affected individuals may be amnesticized, to facilitate their care. Due to the low risk of hostility, escape or information breach related to their care, such amnesticized individuals may be attended by Level-0 personnel unless otherwise stipulated by the ranking duty officer, AHCL supervisor, or research lead. The previous arrangements are under review; active SCP-XXXX-1 instances must not be attended by Level-0 personnel, and should be treated in facilities not otherwise containing sensitive operations or item storage.

Containment of extant copies of SCP-XXXX in public circulation falls within the purview of MTF Rho-4 ('Page Turners'). Academic research must be passively monitored for references to SCP-XXXX. Total eradication of SCP-XXXX from public circulation is presently considered a low-priority target.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 10th-century riddle in the West Saxon dialect of Old English, originating from the composite manuscript, MS Cotton Galba VI.2 Comprehension of SCP-XXXX can transmit a debilitating memetic hazard. This effect is contingent on specific interpretations or patterns of thinking regarding SCP-XXXX's content, and so comprehension does not guarantee immediate infection. Limited experimentation suggests the transmissibility of SCP-XXXX is below 10% in normal circumstances, but that certain factors (such as exposure to SCP-XXXX-CF1, or prior knowledge of its anomalous effects) can increase this to above 95%.

The following is a prepared safe translation of SCP-XXXX composed by research staff, with elements considered active hazards in translation obscured for safety:3

Set out to tread the tide aboard a ship
Of wondrous construction, most fair of vessels:
Thick walls, a strong-ribbed hull, sturdy pale timbers
I am a steady sailor, with great strength and skill
I keep a fair course, never tiring of my labour.
And yet the water drenches me,
Stains me most darkly, as a shame-faced warrior.
I am an exile, battle-drenched, bursting against bonds,
And can seek no homeland in this changeable world.
Clay-fleshed wretch, seeking the world-wielder's5 favour…
When I die this ship shall be my bone-house7,
Beneath this deck shall my quiet heart be locked.

SCP-XXXX's memetic effect causes a series of stereotyped mental disturbances affecting the subject's perception of space, time, and the relationship between themselves and the rest of the observable world. The initial symptoms of SCP-XXXX include a drastically reduced ability to accurate determine spatial distances and sizes and a general inability to track one's movements or locate oneself spatially, as well periods of acute depersonalisation, catatonia, and tactile hypersensitivity.

SCP-XXXX-affected individuals are also frequently subject to other episodic sensory disturbances and delusions. A full discussion of SCP-XXXX's symptoms may be found in Document XXXX-γ, but illustrative or frequent examples include:

  • Intense anxiety when in enclosed spaces, resulting from the erroneous belief that the subject's immediate environment is in fact located within the interior of the subject's body. Subjects may be convinced that any damage to the immediate environment would injure them.
  • Stuporous catatonia, during which the subject reports feeling as if they had shrunk to a minute size and moved, or were trapped, within their own body, in one case describing climbing out of their own mouth and attempting to attract an attendant's attention, before regaining normal consciousness.
  • The delusional belief that the subject has lost their skin, resulting in the compulsive need to cover their body with any suitable material (fabrics, etc.), or the belief that their skin is artificial, leading to minor acts of self harm from scratching and biting at their skin.

The effects of SCP-XXXX are debilitating and frequently highly distressing, although some subjects report a level of fascination with their distorted perceptions. Symptoms are highly variable over time, with most subjects reporting an irregular cycle of relapse and remission of symptoms every few hours. Symptoms can be moderated, but not eliminated, via medication.8 SCP-XXXX's effect does not appear to abate with time, although patients naturally acclimatize to their condition and develop coping strategies to alleviate the distress caused by the condition. Long term SCP-XXXX infection may lead to the cessation of some of these symptoms, and the development of new, anomalous symptoms. This document is under review. See Addendum XXXX-3 for further information.

Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX was only identified and contained by the Foundation as an anomalous threat in 1996, after the attempted publication of a critical essay9 regarding the riddle, written by academic ██████ ████, in the 1996 Spring edition of ████████████████ ████████████, a quarterly humanities journal, resulting in the infection of 12 people. Subsequent research suggests that this essay, designated SCP-XXXX-CF110, is the most virulent known vector of SCP-XXXX's memetic effect, with comprehension resulting in infection in almost all cases where the reader can read Old English, and in ~33% of cases where they cannot.

Due to its long period of circulation in academic discourse prior to the discovery of its anomalous effects, copies of SCP-XXXX are difficult to eradicate from circulation. While the most effective transmission vector (SCP-XXXX-CF1) has been fully contained, the following publications contain SCP-XXXX and may remain in public circulation, representing an on-going infection risk:

It is estimated that the number of uncontained copies of SCP-XXXX may number in the low thousands. Scanned copies and transcriptions of the Wallace text have appeared online on several occasions. However, SCP-XXXX's low virulence has resulted in only three known transmissions outside of containment since containment began in 1977.

Addendum XXXX-3: In the early months of 2018, several SCP-XXXX-affected individuals began experiencing radical alterations in their experience of SCP-XXXX symptoms.