Entertain Me
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Item #: SCP-4505

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Keep in a 15'x10' room with steel walls and various forms of entertainment, as well as a window, leading to a room to be used for interviewing SCP-4505. Do not give access to fire. (See incident #██) To be safe, always give access to an ███ ███ gaming console. Games that are required include █████████, ████ █, ██████: ████████, and ███████ █. Do not include ██████ █ or ██████. (See incident #███)

Description: SCP-4505 is a Caucasian male aged somewhere around 14 years, measuring 4'7" (1.397 meters) tall. SCP-4505 is very friendly, if a bit of a know it all. According to Dr.██████, chatting with SCP-4505 is like chatting with a talkative child, however, SCP-4505 seems to easily get distracted. SCP-4505 appears to exhibit symptoms of severe ADD and ADHD. When bored for too long, SCP-4505 will start shaking, while speaking in some unknown language, likely ancient in origin. If left in this state, SCP-4505 will enter a state of rage, destroying everything around it, and will continue to wreak havoc on any of its surroundings until given a distraction or form of entertainment. SCP-4505 takes a liking to playing video games, preferably on an ████ ███.

Addendum 235-A: Portion of recorded transcript of ██████

<Begin Log, skip to 00h 07m 23s>

Dr.██████: So, why did you kill D-367254?

SCP-4505: (Muffled)

Dr.██████: What was that?

SCP-4505: He kept asking questions.

Dr.██████: You don't like questions?

SCP-4505: No. I just want to PLAY. And YOU won't LET ME!

(SCP-4505 gets up from the chair and attempts to break the glass separating it from Dr.██████.)

█████: Sir, we need to get you out of here.

Dr.██████: Yes, definitely. And let him play.

<End Log>