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Send e-mail?

He stared at the computer screen, hands trembling, the only sound in the office being the quiet humming of the machine and his slow, unsteady breaths. Dr. Maynard looked around the room, seeing hanging pictures, scattered research documents, and other miscellaneous things. He looked back at the computer screen and then slowly moved his hand to send the mail. Suddenly, without warning, the silence was broken by a slightly muffled alarm. He heard sounds of multiple running footsteps behind the door and heard an announcement through the intercom.

"Warning, site security breached. This site is experiencing multiple high-class containment breaches. All staff is ordered to evacuate to the nearest evacuation shelter or any other safe area. This, not a drill!"

Dr. Maynard quickly sent the message and closed the computer, raising himself off the chair and slowly walking to the door. The door opened slowly, revealing a sight that made him little nervous.

The lights of the hallway were dim and an orange emergency light was almost the only illumination. Agents and guards were gearing up, taking weapons from the nearby armory, each going in a different direction. He saw other researchers and janitorial staff running past his door and continuing running through the halls towards the east. After everyone had disappeared, Maynard stepped out the door, closing it behind himself.

The halls had gone silent very quickly, the only sound being the distant siren. Containment breaches always made Maynard nervous and fearful. The thought of people dying, taken away or being transformed made him shiver. Regardless, everything had gone as planned.

It hadn't been easy to give the security access to SCP-079. It had required sacrifices but had worked out in the end. Agent Miller had released SCP-106 from its containment. While the other staff was running around, Maynard had entered 079's chamber and given it the access. The AI was first reluctant to follow Maynard's orders, but after he had promised it the chance to get out, it agreed. Maynard had given it the order to let out any Euclid- and Keter-class objects it could from their containment. He had not expected the AI to do this so early, but it didn't matter to Maynard anymore. What happened had happened and there was no turning back.

After going through the empty halls for a while, occasionally seeing streaks of blood but no corpses, Maynard entered a hallway with a multitude of bodies, some mangled beyond recognition and some… still recognizable. Maynard recognized these faces, the faces of his co-workers. He felt sick. All of these people, people he knew more or less, were now dead. Killed by something he didn't know.

After standing in place for what felt like an eternity, he noticed a gun… held by a hand. First, he thought it was severed, but then he noticed that the hand was still connected to a corpse. It was the corpse of a guard, about 25 years old, it's head twisted sideways. Slowly, he reached for the gun and slowly pulled it from the corpse's hand. He looked at it, put on the safety and shoved it into his pocket.

Maynard slowly stood up, laid a last look at the bodies and continued through the only openable door. He walked forward, occasionally hearing screams, shouting, gunshots and what sounded like a roar. Suddenly a door on the side of the hallway opened and something stepped out. It was humanoid, dressed in a black robe and had a mask whit a beak-like appearance. It had very human-like eyes that could be seen through the eye-holes of the mask. If Maynard didn't know better, he could have sworn it was only a human wearing some sort of costume. It slowly turned around to look at him. Maynard took out the gun and slowly pointed it at the creature.

"Don't come any closer 049! If you do, I will shoot you," Maynard shouted, firmly gripping the gun in his hand.

"Shoot me? Oh, why would you do that to me? I'm only here to help," 049 said, looking at Maynard very calmly, making him even more nervous. "As you might know, the Great Pestilence is still at large at this facility and I'm here to cure it."

"There is no fucking 'Great Pestilence' here. And you're definitely not here to cure it. You only kill people, not help them in any way. That's why you are fucking locked up in here," Maynard shouted, nervously taking off the safety and started to back up.

SCP-049 started to slowly walk towards the man pointing the gun at its head. "But good doctor, in that you are wrong. I don't 'kill' anyone. I cure them," it said, starting to walk faster, getting closer to Maynard.

"Stop right there!" Maynard quickly turned around, shooting at 049, barely missing the creature. He ran to the closest door, opening it and running through it. He ran for about five minutes, making sure to take as many turns as possible, closing the doors behind himself, until he stopped.

Thoughts began circling in Maynard's head. Was it all really worth it? Regret started to rise in his heart. He had fucked up. The Insurgency had promised him a high position at their rows and he had agreed to it. He had given up to the temptation. Maynard had been frustrated about the Foundations methods. Risking his life for research that sometimes yielded no results in his mind, had made him angry. But now he realized he had been wrong. Letting those things out and into the hands of the Insurgency, who would only use them as weapons, might have been Maynard's biggest mistake.

In Maynard's mind, there was only three options now: either go through whit the plan, surrender to the Foundation and tell them the truth, or get killed.

"Fuck the plan," Maynard spoke to himself. "Let Agent Miller take that high position if he gets that far." He had made his choice. Surrendering to the Foundation meant he was dead anyway, and it was better than dying to an SCP. Maynard stood up and started to walk towards where he knew an evacuation shelter was.

He walked but was suddenly stopped on his tracks by a wet, gurgling sound coming from behind him. He turned around, seeing a large, black patch on the wall that was slowly expanding. He looked in horror as a hand, blackened and rotten, reaching from the patch and being followed by a head and soon shoulders similar in nature.

The creature pulled itself out, stepping onto the floor. It turned its head towards Maynard, its eyes black eyes glistening from the lights. It was about as tall as him, had the appearance of a very old human and was coated in some form of black liquid that was dripping on the floor causing more black patches to appear and start to spread.

Maynard pointed the gun at the creature as it started to slowly walk towards him. He pulled the trigger, shooting it multiple times, quickly emptying the clip. It seemed to do nothing. Maynard turned around and started to run away from the thing. He ran through the door of the hallway and saw the doors in front of him all open. Could he really be so lucky?

He ran and ran until he saw a Security Tesla-Gate. He was so close. Suddenly he felt something gripping him from the waist and started to pull him towards the floor. The creature had come from under him and was now pulling him down its sinkhole. He tried to struggle, even hitting the old, rotten humanoid in the head with the back of the gun, only causing the corrosion to spread into it. He started to scream and shout for help but to no avail. The pull was starting to get faster. Maynard gripped the floor, trying to pull himself out, only to strain his fingers almost breaking them. He had sunken up to his armpits. He thrashed around trying to get out for the last time.

"Help! Somebody hel—," Maynard tried to shout but was abruptly cut off when the black, corrosive substance entered his mouth. Then he only saw black.

It was like he was pulled through a tight, black tunnel. It lasted for what felt like an eternity until he came through the other side. He fell into a dark hallway through a hole in the ceiling. he rolled around, coughing and trying to get the burning substance from his throat. Maynard looked around seeing rusted and rotten walls. Then he heard the breathing. He looked towards the source and saw the creature… just standing there, its gleamy eyes glowing in the dim light. It started to slowly walk towards him.

Maynard was frozen in fear and couldn't move at all. It got closer, the ugly smile on its face widening. Maynard started to scream as the old man reached towards his face. The final sight he ever saw was the creature's glowing eyes in that rotten, misshapen head and its wide, toothy, blackened grin.

After the Containment Breach Incident 25/7/20██ a body (hereafter referred as the victim) was found by [REDACTED] in the light containment sector in a pool of black substance. The corpse had major corrosion damage to all material, likely caused by SCP-106. The victim also had two large wounds, one on the back and one at the chest, and the victim's eyes and most of the teeth were missing. The victim's neck was twisted full 360° which have never been encountered with victims of SCP-106.

The victim, despite the corrosion damage, has been identified as Dr. ██████ Maynard who went missing during the breach. An investigation was conducted on the victim's office. It appeared that the office had multiple large patches of 106's corrosion. It's yet unknown why 106 entered the office presumably after capturing and/or killing the victim. An undamaged personal computer was found behind an upturned desk. A sent e-mail was found on the computer to the Chaos Insurgency detailing the plan to cause a containment breach in order for the Insurgency to take a number of Euclid- and Keter-class items. The e-mail also mentions Agent Miller who was found responsible for the release of SCP-106. Agent Miller was found in evacuation shelter A-15 and arrested. Agent Miller's security clearance has been terminated and he is scheduled for termination.

Despite the plan of causing the containment breach succeeded, no SCP's were deemed lost which means the Insurgency's whole plan wasn't successful. Dr. Maynard's motivations are unknown and we will never know why he defected, as Maynard was once very loyal towards the Foundation.

The e-mail found on Dr. Maynard's personal computer has been attached to this document and can be found below.