Robert Gresham1

Item# XXXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is to be kept in a leather wallet equipped with RFID technology and can be secured afterward in any locked container onsite. In the event that SCP XXXX is removed from containment, onsite personnel is recommended to leave the site (D personnel are to be sequestered and confined) and not interact with any other members of staff until SCP XXXX can be re-contained. Staff personnel discovered to be suffering from the effects of SCP XXXX are to be sequestered and given a detoxification bath consisting of: purified water heated to a temperature at least 25°C but not exceeding 28°C, 16 oz. of baking soda, and 16 oz. of sun-dried sea-salt (rock salt is not as effective, and ordinary iodized table salt, depleted of other minerals, is ineffective). The affected individual must then soak in the bath for a period of 50 minutes to completely detoxify their body of SCP XXXX pollutants. Depending on the behaviors engaged in while under the effects of SCP XXXX, additional healthcare procedures may be required.

Description: SCP XXXX is a piece of cardstock paper approximately 2 inches by 3 inches, plain white on one side, and colored orange on the other, displaying a silhouette of a man standing on a rock formation with his arms triumphantly raised. A white sunburst behind the man extends to the rest of the "card". Text on the card in white and black Aerial font reads as follows:

Because there's really no polite way to say it, and your
friends aren't telling you.
This is not an attack on you personally; we
realize you may not be aware of the problem.
Please shower and change into clean garments
right away. Others will appreciate it, and you'll
probably have a better time."

Discovery: SCP XXXX was discovered among hundreds of identical but non-anomalous cards at the ████████ convention held in ████████. SCP XXXX had infected close to 500 attendees, who had collectively stopped controlling their body waste, engaging in other unhygienic activities, completely immersed in their roleplaying gaming. The attendees had not moved from their seats for 36 hours, sustaining themselves on the discarded physical waste of other guests. Attendees had no cognitive memory of engaging in these behaviors while under the effect of SCP XXXX, including no awareness of the passage of time. Before decontamination procedures could be discovered, a dozen attendees developed deep vein thromboses, with dozens more suffering from E coli diarrhea, rotavirus, hepatitis A and E, and pinworms.

Initial tests on D CLASS personnel with SCP XXXX could not be contained, as SCP XXXX also infected research staff who were behind safety glass in a secure observation chamber. Because of SCP XXXX's anomalous properties and effects on cognitive behavior, research staff and D CLASS test subject were not discovered for several hours after being infected, which subsequently spread the infection rapidly throughout the facility. SCP XXXX was re-contained via remote-controlled drone, which deposited SCP XXXX into an empty leather wallet equipped with RFID protection, after which the properties of SCP XXXX no longer affected new individuals.

Addendum: Investigations into the origin of SCP XXXX and identical, non-anomalous cards has been inconclusive, but a non-anomalous black-colored card titled "CREEPER WARNING" was discovered to have appeared at the same convention in ████████ as SCP XXXX, and currently field agents are investigating if an anomalous version might also exist.