SCP X “Political Propaganda”

Object class:Formerly Euclid, keter

Containment procedures:
SCP X is to be held in a 5x7x4 meter reinforced concrete room at site 73. SCP X is to be hung on a wall directly opposite the entrance. A 19 meter dead zone is to be maintained around the room. Only persons authorised by the 05 council may enter or leave this dead zone. Persons entering or leaving the dead zone must be resistant to type 6 mimetic influence. D-class used in testing must be terminated following exposure.
In the event of containment breach, a facility wide lockdown must enter into effect. All access to any form of communication must be blocked using any means. All on site personnel must be terminated. All personnel who come into contact with on site personnel must be screened for signs of SCP-Xs influence. SCP X is not considered fully contained.

SCP-X is an unremarkable double sided poster measuring approximately 100x50 centimetres. Testing has revealed that SCP X is constructed from standard wood-pulp laminated paper with standard printer ink. On side A of SCP X is a printed photo of a smiling caucasian female wearing a rainbow T-shirt with the accompanying caption; “this is a happy and inclusive space. No hate speech allowed!”. On side B is a printed picture of a frowning Caucasian male wearing a red baseball cap and white singlet with an accompanying caption; “Feel free to say what you want, just don’t say I’m stupid.” The anomalous effects of SCP X are dependent on which side is visible.
SCP Xs main anomalous effects do not occur unless the poster is viewed directly. If side A is viewed by a human subject, the subject will almost instantaneously change political views to an extreme far left authoritarian view. If side B is viewed by a human subject, the subject will almost instantaneously change political views to an extreme far right libertarian view. Exposed subjects are classified as SCP X-1 entities. If an SCP X-1 entity communicates with a non-exposed subject, the non-exposed subject will have their political views slowly changed with each interaction until they are in line with the SCP X-1 entities views. This process can vary from as much as 6 months to as little as 3 hours depending on the subjects pre-existing views. Subjects who succumb to the anomalous effects of an SCP X-1 entity will become SCP X-2 entities. SCP X-2 entities do not exhibit anomalous effects, but their behaviour is modified so that they support the SCP x-1s views and attempt to force them on others. If an SCP X-2 entity encounters a person with differing views that actively disagrees with the X-2 entity, it will attack and attempt to destroy the opposing person by using any means available to it. If an SCP X-1 entity encounters a subject with differing views from it, it will use its anomalous properties to change them until they are in line with its own. If an SCP X-1 entity encounters another SCP X-1 entity that has been exposed to a different side of SCP X, the two entities will attack each other physically. These fights always result in the death of both SCP x-1 entities.

Addendum 1:
SCP X was recovered from the cafeteria at site ██ following incident x-1. It was originally displayed prominently in the office of site psychologist Dr J████ Gillard. It is unknown how Dr Gillard came into possession of SCP X, but side A had been on display in her office for a number of months. It is believed to have affected all on site personnel. Due to this, it is unknown how many X-1 entities have been created, or their subsequent X-2 entities. Following incident X-1, salvage team epsilon 11 was sent to find out why site ██ had gone dark. The salvage team found that almost all on site personnel had murdered each other in a violent manner. There were no survivors. SCP X was found on display in a prominent position within the site cafeteria. It was hung from the ceiling in a manner that both sides were visible. No records exist as to how the poster ended up in that position. Salvage team epsilon 11 then proceeded to attack and kill each other whilst accusing each other of treachery. (See exploration log X-1). It is believed the salvage team was exposed to both sides of the poster, and thus became X-1 entities. SCP X was contained and given SCP status on the ██/██/15. SCP X was contained using remote controlled drones, then transported to site 73 in a steel enamelled container. Following incident X-2, SCP X was moved to its present housing.

Addendum 2:
Following incident X-2, SCP X was reclassified keter and moved to its present housing. It is now known that SCP X has influence on subjects in a 19 meter radius around its containment. Subjects who enter this radius will be affected by SCP X. Dependent on the subjects political views at the time of exposure, it is possible for the subject to drift either further right or further left. This drift means the subject can have their political views radicalised. Subjects who become radicalised do not exhibit x-1 or x-2 behaviour, but rather have their behaviour modified in the same manner as members of a terrorist cell. This can lead to affected subjects feeling isolated and defensive, and eventually lead to them taking radical action (see incident report X-2). Testing has also revealed that subjects who have been radicalised by continuous exposure are not capable of becoming x-1 or x-2 entities.

Addendum 3:
The following addendum is pending de-classification by the 05 council.

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