Robinson Ash

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Please be aware that SCP-xxxx is now kept under Containment Procedure Type C. Procedure Type B was abandoned after it was discovered during testing that anomalous effects are still present even when submerged in water. Procedure type A, was deemed as inadequate when it resulted in cleaning staff member ██████ ███'s accidental interaction with SCP-xxxx.

Procedure Type C states the vault containing SCP-xxxx be made of blocks of concrete containing a mix of at least 50% human bone1 a quarter mile (0.4km) from any main containment site. Interaction with the contents of SCP-xxxx must always be with full biohazard attire Level A (European Type 1) which has to be maintained to be gas/liquid tight and be equipped with an air purifying respirator.

A Procedure Type D was suggested, consisting of vaults and transportation cells being made of 100% human bone, however this was seen as excessive and unduly macabre.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a 42 gallon drum filled with approximately 40 gallons (181.84 litres) of liquid, with a tap at the base. The tap and drum is presumed to be made of steel that is anodized green, but attempts to sample the metal has proven fruitless.